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The movie Wonder tells the story of August Pullman, better known as Auggie, a ten year old boy who was born with a very rare genetic condition that reflects mostly in a deformity in his face. Auggie has spent his whole life sheltered by his parents and his sister at home, but with very little interaction with children his own age because of his family’s fear of bullying. Auggie is extremely smart and tries to have a normal ten year old life with the help of his family, but unfortunately, he had to go through a lot of facial surgeries to correct his facial conditions.

When Auggie grows up to a boy of fifth grade age, his parents started to wonder if he should try school for a year as a way of interacting with other classmates at school and to be more sociable.

They though that it would be better for Auggie to have new experiences in a new environment such as school, but they also worry a lot about how his classmates will react to Auggie’s facial deformity.

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Despite the fear and hesitation, Auggie decides to try school and meets many new friends and classmates right away; some of them are friendly but others not so much. Auggie always had the support and love of his family despite the fact that each of the family members had to deal with their own issues as well. During his fifth grade year, his first friends are Jack, Will, and Summer who helped and were friendly with August, but there is a young boy, Julian, who bullies and does not support August.

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During his time at school, Auggie experiences many ups and downs including bullying from other kids besides Julian, but also his true friends showed their true colors and stick up for Auggie when he needed it. One day, he attended an out-of-town trip with his school to a nature reserve, when he and his friend Jack get involved into an altercation with some kids from another school who were also on the trip. The other kids begin to pick on August because he looks different and things begin to get more physical, but his friend Jack stands up for him. To their surprise, in the middle of the fight, two of Julian’s friend see what is happening and get involved defending Auggie from the bullies. After that, Jack, Julian’s friends, and Auggie bond over the experience of fighting together against the bullies. As a result of this encounter, Auggie was accepted as a member of the group and things began to change at school. Now, the other classmates want to talk to him and hear about his story.

They started to get to know Auggie for who he truly is and not for how he looks, and they started to notice that Auggie was a compassionate boy, just like them, who enjoys watching films like Star Wars, playing videogames and even enjoying celebrating special occasions like Halloween. As the school year comes to an end, Auggie continues to grow close with his classmates. At the end of the year assembly, Auggie received an award for being such an exemplary and notary student, but most importantly for being strong and having courage in deciding to attend school with his facial differences. Every member attending the assembly stood up as Auggie received his award, and his family and close friends were very happy and proud of him for being such a wonder in their lives.

Updated: Apr 26, 2023
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