Ayla had been living there her whole life She knew those halls

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Ayla had been living there her whole life. She knew those halls like she knew her own body and she had ran over the grass of the backyard more times that anyone would be able to count. And she used to love it there., except for all the screaming and the yelling. For a big parto f her life, she never understood why everyone who entered the building was so upset: it was not like they were going to get killed there.

Nobody had died in years and the staff took much pride in that.

The first memory of being there that Ayla hold dearly was when she met her once best friend Eleanor Briggs (CHANGE THAT BC I THINK I PLAGIARIZED THAT TBH). She first came into the facility when they were both six years old and it was the best experience of Ayla's short life. Until then, she hadn't had a best friend but instead she had spent those years with her mother and the rest of the staff of the NAME mental institution for children.

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But when Eleanor trespassed the backyard door accompanied by Helena (AYLA'S MOTHER), with her dark hair neatly put in two pigtails, everything changed for Ayla. Her and Eleanor shared secrets and laughs for over seven more years, until she was taken away. One day, Ayla had walked to her friend's room, passing by hundreds of other room with wheeping (IDK ABOUT THAT) children calling for their parents, like she had done everyday since both girls met.

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But she was not there anymore. Rapidly, she ran towards the staff room, where they kept all the documents about who was or had been there and also where her mother was sitting at her usual black chair and asked her about it. All the girl got as a response was "she got better and she had to go."

She didn't believe that, mainly because Eleanor was not mad. She didn't deserve to be in there but she was brought there because Ayla needed a Friends, that's what she had been told when she had first asked years back. But now, Ayla having almost 18 years old, she knew better.

Eleanor had died. And not only she had died but she had ended with her life (involuntarily, of course, she had been a very cheerful girl) when in one of her sleep terrors, she had jumped out of the window and three floors down into the pavement. And Ayla never forgave her mum for not telling her the truth. Also, she never forgave her for using her as a CONEJILLO DE INDIAS for their experiments. Also, she never forgave her for what they did to the poor children that entered the facility, being told that they are going to an amazing school or to a gigantic playground like parents used to tell their children instead of telling them the truth: they were going to a mental facility where they would try and cure their problems with not very orthodox methods.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020
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Ayla had been living there her whole life She knew those halls essay
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