I was bewildered by this woman's behavior How dare she? I knew

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I was bewildered by this woman's behavior. How dare she? I knew it though. I KNEW she was using my daughter. Sefiora could have at least given my little baby a present - but she was despicable enough to just give Rosaura $200.Not only did she TRICK my daughter into working for her but she also didn't give her a normal present.

- Excuse but what the hell are you doing? - I asked breaking the silence, raging up inside

Sefiora just stared at me with an innocent-looking face.

I truly felt like punching her because I don't like get into drama, not with a family like this one.

- I'm giving Rosaura what she deserves. - Sefiora states.

I was getting very furious; my face was getting all heated up. Rosaura looked at me and I guess she felt something because she looked down at the floor just staring at her shoes. She seemed sad and somewhat scared. I was giving Sefiora the death stares but she did let that intimidate her.

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Her hand was still drawn out and when she realized that she put her money and hand in her pocket. I quickly grabbed Rosaura's hand.

- We do not want any of your filthy money anymore - I spat - How dare you disrespect a poor nine-year-old who was always there to help you?!

- She is not even a normal girl, she just a daughter of a maid who in this case is you - she snarled.

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I gave her a disgusted look. Her wealth really drove her out of control she thought she was everything when she was just a rude woman. I walk home with Rosaura. She is still sad so I stop walking, kneel down and wrap my arms around her holding on tight,

- I'm so sorry, love - I whisper gently into her ear.

-  No I'm sorry - she croaks as a tear rolls down her cheek. - I should have listened to you, mum, Luciana probably doesn't even like me.

- I don't know darling. - I mumble rubbing my hand against her back. - Everything will be okay; you don't need Luciana when you have me.

Her face suddenly lit up and she started giggling. I gently cupped her face and wiped her tears away. She smiled at me with a stupid but cute smile. I sighed looking at my daughter

- You better listen to me next time, dork! - I say trying to sound strict but I can't help a giggle not escape my mouth.

- I will mum - she says her smile widening,

I stand up, take hold of her hand again and we walk home where we just enjoy the rest of the evening ignoring what happened earlier.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020
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I was bewildered by this woman's behavior How dare she? I knew essay
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