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Aristotle's Philosophy of Friendship

Aristotle define friendships of utility as benefiting in some way from being friends with certain people or exploiting them: maybe they’re well-connected, or we need a fourth person for our bridge club. Friendship of pleasure: These are people we simply enjoy being around and hangout with, some examples are drinking buddies or girls who go shopping together.

They may be good or bad for us, but the friendship is built on the idea that they’re fun to be around.

To the extent that these friendships are built around pleasure or passion. Friendship of virtue is a friendship in the fullest sense, in which the friends are engaged in a common pursuit of the virtuous life. They’re edifying, in that each friend draws the other towards virtue.

Aristotle explains that in this friendship, you wish the best for your friend regardless of pleasure or utility. So, for example, the virtuous friend is genuinely happy to see you get married or get a promotion, even if it means you’ll have less time to hang out.

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If we were to relate any of these to the kind of friendships Kevin Pearce and Basquiat had in their lives. One can argue that they had plenty of virtuous friendships.

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