Are People Inclined Towards Justice

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Plato’s piece “The Ring of Gyges” discusses an argument Glaucon creates with Socrates whether individuals morally tend to justice or injustice. If just life is defended then justice is preferred over injustice. Through, the reading Plato speaks brings up statements and points and differentiates them from being good and evil. This reading I believe is between individuals despite their differences, who are put against one another by the justice systems of law, and those who go against laws created. An analogy is provided of where a man named Gyges discovers a golden ring that holds power allowing him invisibility.

The ring had led to chaos within one’s world. Plato gives analogies between just and unjust individuals, provided with the scenario where both individuals receive power.

Plato’s statement is if both individuals, such as the just and unjust received a golden ring, both would act in injustice. This claims individual would only act of just humans out of force.

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Both individuals, who are just and unjust can partake in evil, the reasoning behind this, an individual would not want to be portrayed as a sucker. Despite claims, Glaucon does admit there may be individuals who would not use the ring in evil would be admired to their face, but be spoken badly of and seen as a sucker behind their back, being that they did not take advantage of what was given from the ring. Glaucon’s theory is clear, justice being as an agreement of what may be desirable and undesirable to the person.

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An Issue can arise, if we may be decent human beings; can being kept to justice or injustice if presented to gain power?

Would we, individuals, act selfishly or show compassion? This is where Plato’s argument comes in, whether an individual behaves morally, depends if an individual consumes power, and does not receive punishment, some individuals would, and some would not seek towards injustice. This statement also should be seen in a bigger sense, what about those individuals who are poor, starving, sickly ill, and need to provide for their families? How would an individual act justly or unjustly seeking those situations?  I feel that most individuals would come to this third class depending on their situations throughout their life. Even when it comes to individuals that are good can choose to seek a reward, not through evil, but through the situations, they are facing throughout their lives.

This reading by Plato teaches individuals an important lesson; it shows us what is expected or unexpected done from individuals if the power had control over other individuals. If given a choice to receive a ring that gives me more to be invisible, I would make a choice of being a human of just and being moral then turning to evil. This is a choice I made because I feel within the world I am brought to the life I face with the choices I make drawing the outcome of my life, and power should not change that matter. This reading shows that Glaucon shows his views towards Socrates to allow Socrates to overcome obstacles he may face his way. It comes to my conclusion I believe even those who are just could be unjust, those who are just can morally lean towards justice or injustice depending on the human is faced with.

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