Appropriate Educational Environment

It has been a long debate that how to provide students with disabilities the most appropriate educational environment. Some people in the society continue to argue for the advantages of maintaining segregated special education settings while some have their concerns about the increasing recognition of the long term social and academic cost of segregation as well as the benefits of full inclusion of all students (Fitch, 2000, p. 233). It was an old school thought that students with special needs can only be taught effectively through exclusion education.

Some time students were excluded to the point where they were sent to different school based on their needs, keeping in mind that they will be provided the best adequately trained teachers with specialized programs based on student's special needs.

Contrary to this, special schools labelled as "Special" which create discrimination and provide no opportunities of social interaction for students perhaps they will lack in attaining social skills to live in a society, and students do not experience diversity in the classroom as discussed in the film "Dangerous Minds".

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Traditional approach towards exclusion education is out dated now, as this creates differentiation in a society and have immense (negative) impact on the children's upbringing. It is a basic human right for everyone to be treated equally and respectfully by mainstream society members. Thus, Inclusion education is introduced now, which means all the students despite of their language or cultural background, provided with the equal educational opportunities. It creates harmony among students and provide diversified teaching environment to meet the need of this global era (Mackey, 2019).

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The factors which are discussed in the first part of this assignment like "Hunger and Poverty" have an immense effect on inclusion/exclusion educational settings. Children from low income families do not have access to the quality education and thus consider themselves excluded from the mainstream society which bring social deficit among them. It is suggested that without appropriate intervention and involvement of educators (as the teacher did in the movie mentioned above), social skills deficits will persist into adulthood and will impair daily functioning. This can be overcome by understanding the nature and cause of child's skills deficits and provide them with strategies that promote sociocultural skills development and increase child's confidence in social situations by increasing their capacity to read social cues, helping child to understand their own and others' thoughts, emotions and interests, and helping them to engage appropriately with peers.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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