Antigone Character Traits and Analysis

Antigone braves through all her hardships and decisions together with her morals and set of values. She died with pride and she had no regret what so ever in what she did. Antigone is clearly a tragic heroine, and she believes that family is vital and that they come first. She is willing to surrender her shiny future and her existence and disobey the edict of her uncle and bury her deceased brother. As a young woman, with a whole life beforehand of her, some other girls would maintain the death of her brother in the beyond and consciousness on their marriage and children.

Whilst Ismene (Antigone’s sister) attempts to influence her sister into not burying Polynices, she doesn’t concentrate because she feels in her coronary heart that if she didn’t do it that it’d be the wrong component. “Take me and kill me- what extra do you need?” (Sophocles, 565), “And thus far me meeting this destiny won’t bring any ache.

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” (Sophocles, 527-528). Antigone believes that burying her brother is the right thing to do and nothing is going to change her mind due to the fact it’s her “fate”.

But, she in advance did now not experience lots of remorse for what she did due to the fact she changed into doing what she felt obligated to do. All of this to her turned into very “meaningful” due to the fact she became giving her life up for what her brother deserved. All of these feelings and actions create an experience of feminism, which during this time it wasn’t significantly widely wide-spread in performs and or writings like this.

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All through this time, women had been commonly known as weak and powerless in story’s and weren’t that important and also didn’t stick out. Antigone’s representation of women was so different compared to anyone or anything else. Her boldness, bravery, and unyielding morals play a vital role within the play. “but you chose life- it was my choice to die” (Sophocles, 634). Antigone knew that burying Polynices was going to be a sentence to death however it became a risk that she took.

The character of Ismene, acts as a foil to her sister because of the alternative characteristics. “but if you’re gone, what is there in life for me to love?”, (Sophocles, 627). Ismene could in no way attempt or do what Antigone did however she cares a lot, she risked her life. In the long run, sadly Antigone didn’t make it, she will continually be one of the most powerful women in this play. She died having no regrets and that’s what makes her so important. Despite the fact that Antigone didn’t change in character for the duration of the plot, due to her overbearing traits and her relentless. Antigone is a strong woman who is aware what matters in life and is willing to surrender her promising future to follow her morals.

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Antigone Character Traits and Analysis

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