Is Creon the Tragic Hero in Antigone?

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A.P. - Antigone Argumentative Essay

Creon is the Tragic Hero in the story because he is taken down by fate and will not listen to anybody. The significance is Creon and his significance takes place when he is the ruler of the city. Creon is a powerful guy and he never listens to anyone and only goes by his rules. The major ideas inside the story that makes Creon a tragic hero is that he is very annoying and does not like to listen to other people that he commands.

The major claim in this argument is that Creon is the Tragic Hero in the story. He has so much pride that he is unable to listen to others because he thinks he knows everything. When people tell him something that maybe be important, he always fights back even though they may be right in the near future. He is a very rude person and likes to tell others what to do.

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When Tiresias tells Creon that he is treating the city badly, he starts to get into an argument with Tiresias and Creon starts to talk bad about Tiresias, “Old man, you pot away at me like all the rest as if I were a bull’s-eye, And now you aim your seer craft at me. Well, I’m sick of being bought and sold by all your soothsaying tribe. Bargain away! All the silver of Sardis, all the gold of India is not enough to buy this man a grave; Not even if Zeus’s eagles come, and fly away with carrion morsels to their master’s throne.

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” (Sophocles 237). The quote shows that Creon is now mad at Tiresias because Tiresias told him that Creon was standing on the “razor’s edge”. Creon is a hubris and a very rude person. His hamartia is he will refuse to listen to others and doesn’t listen to anyone giving him advice. In the story, he will not listen to any advice that is given to him, “Creon! Creon! Is no one left who takes to heart that… That prudence is the best of all our wealth. As folly is the worst of our woes? Yes, infectious folly! And you are sick with it.” (Sophocles 238). The quote shows that Creon disagrees with Tiresias and starts to get mad at Tiresias for telling him that he is on the bad side.

The hamartia that Creon has is this tragic hero’s downfall. Creon’s nemesis is his true fate that cannot be avoided. He cannot get out of this nemesis and will have to live with it. Creon’s nemesis is that he has too much pride in himself and believes he is higher than the gods. Since Creon thinks he is more powerful than the gods, they do not like him, “The gods, provoked, never wait to mow men down. How it goes against the grain to smother all one’s heart desire! But I cannot fight with destiny.” This quote shows that Leader shows his fate and destiny that he cannot escape. He now knows his fate and must listen now. Creon cannot escape his fate and destiny. Creon has to live with his nemesis, fate, and his hubris self. Even though Creon has to live with his hubris and he still remains in power but the gods are mad at him for being selfish and believes in himself so much, he thinks he is a god himself. Even though he has those traits, he still listens to some people after realizing his weakness,”Leader: Son of Menoeceus, be advised in time. Creon: To do what? Tell me, I shall listen.” This quote shows that Creon is now able to listen to people after he has been exposed by Tiresias. Creon finally realizes his fate and nemesis. Creon is a character with bad meaning but he cannot help it because of fate. Creon is a powerful person that is hubris and cannot avoid his nemesis. His hamartia will be the downfall of this tragic hero. Creon is a man with a hamartia that will not let him listen to people’s advice. Creon does believe that he is higher than the gods and is better than anyone else on the planet. Creon is a person who realizes his fate but it is too late already when he realizes it. His fate is the downfall of this tragic hero.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024

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