An Assessment of The Standardized Assessment of Personality

A standardized personality test determines how positive and negative a person scores on each of the dimensions. An individual’s personality can be shaped by both hereditary and environmental factors. According to Hatch (2018), the big five personality traits include extraversion, conscientiousness, emotional stability, agreeableness and openness to experience. In this paper, I will describe myself in terms of the Big Five Personality Traits using social traits, personal conception traits, and emotional adjustment traits. I will also describe how my personality profile seems to influence my personal behavior.

After analyzing the Big Five Personality Test, I noted that it fairly provides a precise appraisal of my personality. First, I would rank high on openness to experience since I am creative, inquisitive, adventurous and open-minded. I also tend to look out for new things. When I encounter repetitive things, I feel like I am in a slump and like changing everything. Additionally, my openness to experience makes me a good solver of issues.

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I do not allow problems to distract me in my desires and I have noted that I come up with good solutions by thinking broadly.

In regards to conscientiousness, I am responsible, well organized, reliable, and unrelenting. I also think that being conscientious sometimes limits my openness to experiences as I highlighted above. I approach all situations carefully and in a calculated way ensuring that I make all things as accurate as possible. Concerning extroversion, I am less outgoing, I do not like socializing with others and I tend to be assertive.

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Additionally, I take time to analyze and understand all situations presented to me, I am thoughtful and prefer to stick to smaller groups compared to larger crowds.

I also prefer to spend time on my own other than being with others. In terms of agreeableness, I am good-natured, trusting, and supportive. I am warm, sociable, and considerate. I also tend to focus more on my personal needs even when it conflicts with the interest of other people. While concerning emotional stability I tend not to worry myself too much, I am secure, calm, and I have strong control over my emotions.
My personality profile seems to influence my personal behavior in that it affects every aspect of my performance including how I react to different situations at work. I have also come to learn that not all individuals are suitable for every job. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of our personality traits and find the best roles that suit our personalities best. This way, I will be more productive, increase my satisfaction in doing a specific activity, and contribute towards making the things I am engaged in more efficiently.

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An Assessment of The Standardized Assessment of Personality
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