An Application Letter for a Graphic Designer Internship Position

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I am writing to express my interest in a graphic design internship position within your prestigious and reputable company. One of your organization’s works, which is depicted in the Leo Burnett MENA video that I watched online, caught my attention. The video showcases your firm’s dedication to a strong conceptual design that symbolizes the type of graphic designs that I would like to be involved in. The YouTube video inspired me to contribute my own skills as well as learn more from your organization.

Graphic design has become a lifestyle for me as it makes me feel really good and different whenever I undertake it. I believe that my university education and my passion for graphic design have made me ready to start handling your agency’s demands.

My qualifications for the position include my education at the university and my passion to be a graphic designer. I am undertaking a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts at the University of Washington.

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At the university, I have learned about conceptual thinking as well as developed my proficiency in interactive media and packaging. I have also learnt about the standard design software applications required in this industry.  I am confident that my educational background has prepared me to offer a significant conceptual design as well as execution ability and I am ready to contribute this to your company’s reputation.

I appreciate your willingness to appraise my resume and portfolio. I will telephone your office on Monday, March 19th at 10 a.

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m. to discuss any graphic internship opportunities that you may offer or set the interview date with you. Please, kindly receive my attached portfolio.

Thank you for your time and your considerations will be highly regarded.


Updated: Dec 21, 2021
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