Sample Cover Letter for a Pharmacy Internship Essay

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Sample Cover Letter for a Pharmacy Internship

I am applying for a pharmacy internship position at (_) with hopes that it will be an opportunity where I will be able to fulfill my degree requirements. I am recently in school achieving my goal to achieve the next step of becoming a pharmacy technician. In order for me to reach my long term goal Im required to have an internship, hopefully you’ll be able to fulfill my goal.

Im open-minded and willing to learn. I regularly take part in services that require the ability to learn “on the spot,” this has given me a great work ethic, and experience with interacting with many different kinds of people. I also believe this has given me the ability to work well in a team. I have my own transportation which extends me to be a punctual and reliable person, contributing my experience with children and pets. Also exceed the ability to learn new duties and being able to adapt my own experience and skills to any range of work assigned to me.

I am excited to offer these skills and abilities to a business in which an average person may intensively rely on. I am confident I will be able to be an inhensive student, and also one that will always put learning and experience before other tasks. Please contact me at (555) 555-5555. I look
forward to discussing the opportunity of the internship.

I have enclosed my resume and am able to provide references upon your request at our meeting. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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