An Analysis of the Lost Hero of Jay Gatsby in the Novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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There are millions of books in this world, which means there are even more characters. Some characters are considered heroes while others are villains, or are even a mix of both. But at the same time, it is all up to your perspective. If you think one character is a hero, another person can think the character is a villain. I have read many books in my life, but only one character really stands out to me, Jay Gatsby. In my eyes Gatsby was a hero, but a lost hero.

Gatsby had many different qualities that readers learned about throughout the novel. The one quality that I think is his best is that he was an extremely compassionate person. No matter what happened, he was compassionate and dedicated while trying to reach his goal. He was always filled with hope that one day his dream would come true, which was to win Daisy back. While he had those fabulous qualities, he also had a few not so good ones.

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Although Gatsby was a thoughtful man, he was not always the most honest person. Gatsby lied about his past family life and how he received his riches.

Which the reader learns, he gained illegally. Reading about Gatsby has shown me how far some people will go to reach their goals. Throughout the novel, Gatsby knew that he may never be able to actually reach his goal. That thought never once stopped him from trying. It showed me how no matter what obstacles you come across, not to give up on your goal.

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Some people may never reach their goals, but you should not focus on that. Everyone should focus more on completing their goals, instead of thinking about what may stop you. Since reading The Great Gatsby last year, I have always loved Jay Gatsby. At times I could not understand why he was doing what he was doing, but always saw the good in him. I never once thought that he was a “villain”. His passionate attitude to complete his goal amazed me, and upset me when I found out his goal would never be reached. I believe that Jay Gatsby was just misunderstood in some readers eyes.

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