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"Amigo Brothers" Summary

This is a story of two amigos with mucho corazon. These friends have known each other since childhood and they consider themselves brothers. Their names are Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas. They grew up on the east side of Manhattan in NewYork. The boys work out together at the boys club hoping to be champs. They also go on runs every day together. Whenever they would spar it would be a heavy showdown. Working out and boxing helped them say away from drugs alcohol and gangs.

So about a week before the fight, they went on there run and they thought it would be best for them to separate and train before the fight so they can clear their minds.

Antonio went to his aunts and Felix stayed at his house. So now its the day of the fight and the fighters are getting ready to fight at Tompkins Square Park. Antonio wore shiny white trunks, black socks, and black shoes.

Felix wore shiny sky-blue trunks, red socks, and white boxing shoes. The friends were escorted to the boxing match. BONG-BONG-BONG. The loud crowd quickly silenced. Now the main event, the friends that both have a dream of becoming lightweight champions of the world. BONG-BONG-BONG Round one they turned toward each other in a fighting pose. Felix wasted no time and came in fast, head low, half-hunched toward his right shoulder, and lashed out with a straight left. He missed a right cross s Antonio punched and countered with one-two-three snaped Felix’s head back sending a mild shock coursing through him.

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Antonio danced, a joy pumping through him. His hand was like a piston pumping jabs one after another with seeming ease. Then Felix trapped him against the ropes long to pour some punishing punches in. antonio got away and slipped two hard punches to the head. BONG! Round one over. BONG! BONG! Another brutal round. But now for the final round. BONG!! Round three. antonio came in fast charging.

Felix braced himself but could not ward off the barrage of punches. So far the boys fought with mucho Corazon. The sound of there blows where loud over the silent crowd. BONG BONG BONG!! The bell sounded over and over again but they kept fighting. Until their trainers and ref pulled them apart. BONG BONG BONG!!! The announcer pointed at the winner but was alarmed to see them not in the ring. To the amigo brothers their both champions.

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