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Alcohol Addiction Essay Examples

Essay on Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol Addiction

...Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Act 2012 was put into place to ensure that alcohol was not being sold at too much of a reduced price. The reason for this is to stop alcohol being made too accessible, especially to people who are not able to afford the necessities such as food, water and safe shelter. An equation was put in to place to ensure that everyone was complying with the same legislation, it was: "MPU x S x V x 100" (Anon. 2011). MPU is maximum price per unit, S is Strength of the Al...

Addiction and Addictions

...It has been proven that not only are addictions physical they are majority psychological and require a great deal of acknowledgement from family, friends, support groups, and government funded programs, so that people can acquire the amount of treatment necessary. With language and hours of availability being a barrier many people with problems are not getting the help they deserve, Canada needs to broaden its' options when it comes to addiction programs, allowing twenty-four hour services for p...

Thesis: Alcoholic Beverage and Occasional Alcoholic Drink

...Addiction – it is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance or engages in an activity that can be pleasurable but the continued use of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities, such as work or relationships, even health. Users may not be aware that their behavior is out of control and causing problems for themselves and others. Social activities – it is an activity that involves associating with other people. Personal problems – it is a s...

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Addiction Wrecks

...You learn how and why you were addicted and how to work out many of the problems you were previously trying to avoid. The knowledge you learn can give you confidence in confronting an addiction urge may it ever appear again. If you’re struggling with addiction, get help! Talk to a friend, teacher, counselor, neighbor, you’re not alone. Addiction is one of the biggest problems in today’s society. Start today by taking the first step to make a life changing decision. You can overcome it and ...

Drug addiction

...Drug addiction is a powerful demon that can sneak up on you and take over your life before you knoe has it it even happened. What started out as just arecreational lifestyle has overcome of your life and affected every single aspect of it. You don’t have to be caught up in the web of drug addiction. There are s many things you can do to get yourself clean and sober, and there is no better time than the present. Overcoming drug addiction is a long and often painful process. Leading a clean life...

Conceptualizing Addiction Paper

...approach (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. Krivanek, J. (1988). Heroin: Myths and realities Sydney: Allen & Unwin. Schaler, J. A. (2000). Addiction is a choice. Chicago: Open court. Schuckit, M. A. (1992). Advances in understanding the vulnerability to alcoholism. In C.P. O’Brien & J. H. Jaffe (Eds.). Addiction states (pp.93-108). New York: Raven Press Wahshton, A. M. (1988). Cocaine addiction: Treatment, recovery, and relapse prevention. New York: W. W. Norton. Wilbanks, W. ...

Drug Addiction

...Most importantly, one should seek a drug rehab center where one can feel safe and comfortable. An addict is going to make the most progress in a place where they feel at ease and can be themselves. Recovery is a long and hard road, and if it is done in an environment where a person can feel the most comfortable, and just be themselves, they are going to be the most successful. Getting help for an addiction is something that is not easy, but a drug rehab center is a place where it might all seem ...

Alcoholic Anonymous

...The successful redemption from this condition is a result of self worth as well as self esteem the contribution of AA is of immense to the society for its role in the act of cleansing the people who have lost they worth and esteem, a condition that may lead to the death of the individual. The families that were torn apart due to alcoholism cherish the contribution of AA for the restoration of glory in their homes. The contribution of AA reveals the medical as well as the non medical cure for alc...

Addiction Does Not Discriminate

...If people were more aware of the problems of drug addiction and how easily it could happen to anyone, he or she may be more likely to see an addicted person as someone who is worthy of help and respect. The more harshly people judge those who suffer from addiction and continue to make them feel as if they do not deserve treatment the less likely they will be to get help or even trust someone enough to confide in them about their problems. It is never a good idea to generalize people and their be...

Alcohol Dependence

...It is important to remember Samuel Johnson's phrase "If at first you don't succeed. Try, try, and try again. " Success rates are significantly improved if the patient has access to counseling or some support group. Family support is crucial. Sometimes a good GP can provide vital support. A study found that genetics is a factor in predicting the risk of relapse among alcohol-dependent patients. Further Reading: "What is Alcohol Poisoning? What are the Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning? " Written by Ch...

?Addiction is a Disease

...Calabrese, E.J. “Addiction and Dose Response: The Phsychomoor Stimulant Theory of Addiction Reveals that Hormetic Dose Responses are Dominant.” Informa Healthcare (2008) Web. 27 Sept. 2012 “Disease.” Dictionary.com, LLC (2012) Web. 27 Sept. 2012 http://www.dictionary.com. Gorelick, David A., Jon E. Grant, Marc. N. Ptenza, and Aviv Weinstein. “Introduction to Behavioral Addictions.” American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse (2010).Web. 27 Sept. 2012. Maze, Ian, and Eric J. Nestler....

Addiction and Behavior

...Adolescents may be particularly vulnerable to drug addiction, perhaps because of peer pressure, or simply because ‘others are doing it, why not me?’ the sad fact is that although drugs may offer the user a sense of satisfaction and power at the outset, it is true that as time goes by, the user will feel that he has to take more quantities of the same drug, if he wished to achieve the same feelings of euphoria and pleasure. It is at this time that the user realizes that he would not be able t...

Adolescence and Substance Abuse or Addiction

...Lakin, M. (2011, November 1). Generation oxy: Pills attract, addict teens. Knoxnews,com. Retrieved from http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2011/nov/01/generation-oxy/ Salmaan Toor. (2014, February 11). Alcohol is the gateway drug, and we don’t seem to care. [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://www.tfcknoxville.com/1/post/2014/02/alcohol-isthe-gateway-drug-and-we-dont-seem-to-care.html Roehlkepartain, E. C., King, P. E., Wagener, L., & Benson, P. L. (2006). The handbook of spiritual development ...

Drugs -Tolerance, Dependence, Addiction and Treatment

...Like 'recovering' or 'ex'-alcoholics, many dry alcoholics still state that they are alcoholic until the day they die. It is true that heroin addicts who have not used the drug for a number of years are still at risk of returning to drug use should certain circumstances arise. This may mean easy availability of the drug or painful life situations, or both. Throughout history there have been waves of drug and alcohol use. When new drugs are introduced into naive populations, there is a sudden rush...

Computer Gaming Addiction

...Bearing in mind the potential positive effects of video game playing, to label the activity an addiction without sufficient evidence and interpretive guidelines about what constitutes addiction could deter many children and their parents who could possibly benefit from video games. There is wide variation in video games, and although some appear to have harmful effects, particularly through the promotion of violence and other anti-social behaviors, this is a function of the content of specific g...

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

...The children of heroin users are also at an increased risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis C, due to the likelihood of mothers using dirty needles to inject the drug (Centers for Disease Control, 2011). Mothers who use cocaine during pregnancy subject their fetuses to low birth weight, developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, urinary tract problems, strokes causing irreversible brain damage, and sometimes death (March of Dimes, 2008). The only way to avoid these serious and harmful effects i...

Psychological and social processes in the development of drug addiction

... It is suggested that people may fall into addiction because of learned behavior. This would explain why those who grow up around substance abusers are more likely to become addicts themselves. Learning theory is based on the idea people don’t have to experience every behavior in order to decide whether to adopt it. If it is observed to bring reward and satisfaction to another person, it can be enough to convince another person to copy it. According to this theory, the answer to addi...

Ano Hao2016141522002What Mobile Phone Addiction Can Do?March

...Ano Hao2016141522002What Mobile Phone Addiction Can Do?March 24, 2019Just like an old saying, introduced by Roman philosopher Seneca, “To be anywhere isto be nowhere” (196). Nowadays, the smartphones and internet provide everyone anaccess to obtain information around the world without walking out of the house.However, reflected by the growing number of people who own one or moresmartphones, some of them gradually realize that the smartphones have become one ofthe necessities in their daily l...

Is Alcoholism A Disease?

...This paper explores ten published articles that report about alcoholism. There are two sides: alcoholism is a disease or not a disease. Most of articles agree with a statement “alcoholism is a disease”. However, some argue that alcoholism is just a treatable addiction and a choice. Also, people think alcoholism was named to help people recognize “alcoholism is a serious problem”. It can be compared to diabetes in a equal way that over eaters have a reaction to food and alcoholics to liqu...

Drug Addiction - Essay

...Smith says he obtained release forms from everyone who appears in the video and won't use footage from those that refused. He says he knew some of the people he filmed over a period of years and watched them slowly deteriorate. 'Many of these people are highly intelligent. I have footage of a lady who has a master's degree in education and used to work on Capitol Hill. She got hooked on drugs and now she's homeless. The point of the movie is: do not even try crack or this is what it will reduce ...

Substance Abuse and Addiction: Is There a Solution?

...What does one do when their life has become unmanageable? Recovery from addiction can be a hard road, and for many it will seem impossible. Thankfully there are many people and organizations in the community that can help. Obviously the first step is to make the decision to stop using. For many this can be the hardest step of all. After all, most addicts do not want to go through the discomfort of withdrawals. Talking to a family member or someone the addict trusts is a good idea when making a d...

Alcohol abuse

...•Inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) •Liver disease, including cirrhosis •Nerve damage •Poor nutrition •Sleeping problems (insomnia) Alcohol use also increases your risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and violence. Drinking alcohol while you are pregnant can lead to severe birth defects in the baby. Prevention The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recommends: •Women should not drink more than 1 drink per day •Men should not drink more than 2 dri...

Alcoholics Anonymous Support Group Report

...The natural leader of the group was a woman by the name of Beverly. Beverly has been sober for thirty years as of September 5, 2014. She is a teacher by trade and she continues to attend meetings. During the meeting, she reflected on her journey on staying sober. She came from a family of alcoholics. Alcohol has caused a strain on her relationship with her son and she feels that her being an alcoholic added undue stress to his life. She said something that I thought was profound during her testi...

Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction

...No, that’s crap. If a person doesn’t want to give in to addiction then don’t do it! So yes, it’s obvious to say that I definitely lean more towards the Moral Model of Addiction, but I am also partial to understanding the Sociocultural side of it as well. You may not be able to choose where you come from, but you can decide where you go from here. Addiction all starts as a choice, and the level of addiction may be influenced by a number of factors, but the pressing issue is what people al...

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

...Much of what we know about FAS and the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure is the result of work on animal models. After FAS was identified it became important to demonstrate that the effects were indeed the result of alcohol exposure and not due to factors such as other drugs, maternal conditions, or nutritional variables. The development of appropriate animal models was very important in this regard. Models were developed for assessing physical features of FAS as well as the behavioral, neuro...

Technology addiction

..."Fuel & Energy Industries Call-To-Action To Cut Pollution And Dependency On Traditional Fuels. " Automotive Industries 186. 10 (2006): 5. Business Source Premier. Web. 25 Sept. 2013. McKinney, Maureen. "High-Tech Hazards: Alarm Hazards Tops ECRI List Of Health Dangers. " Modern Healthcare 41. 45 (2011): 18. Business Source Premier. Web. 25 Sept. 2013. Hui, Kai-Lung, Wendy Hui, and Wei T. Yue. "Information Security Outsourcing With System Interdependency And Mandatory Security Requirement. " ...

Technology Addiction: The Facts

...Another attraction of technology is the anonymity of online video games and other internet resources which allows people to do things without hurting their reputation. The appeal of technology could also be traced to comedy. Many comedians have online podcasts which has brought many more people to the internet. All this could be added to why technology is so attracting. In conclusion technology addiction/obsession is a serious issue. It can harm your health, just like any other addiction, with p...

The Impact of Alcohol Sponsorship of Sporting Events on Consumption of Alcohol Amongst High School Students: a Research Proposal

...Patterns of sports sponsorship by gambling, alcohol and food companies, an internet survey. BMC Public Health. McDaniel, S., & Heald, G. (2000). Young consumer's responses to event sponsorship advertisements of unhealthy products: implications of schema-triggered affect theory. Sport Management Review, 163-184. McDaniel, S., & Mason, D. (1999). An exploratory study of influences on public opinion towards alcohol and tobacco sponsorship of sporting events. The Hournal of Services Marketin...

Alcohol Outline

...Nearly half of all homicide victims have alcohol in their bloodstreams. Codependents learn to ignore their own needs and focus their energy and emotions on the need of the alcoholic. Recovery- the process of learning to live an alcohol- free life. Sobriety- living without alcohol. Where to get help for Alcohol Abuse 1. Al-Anon/Alateen 2. Alcoholics Anonymous 3. National Association for Children of Alcoholics. 4. National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information 5. National Drug and Treatme...

Foundations of Addictions Research Paper

...The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment of Student-AthletesA Review of the LiteratureMorgan PfaffSaint Joseph's UniversityAuthor NoteThis paper was prepared for Foundations of Addictions CRJ 619, Section OL2, taught by Dr. Blank.The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment of Student-AthletesA Review of the LiteratureWhen you think of high performance athletes and drug use, performing enhancing drugs or doping may come to mind. Although doping does occur in numerous sports and at most...

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