Accounting Major Essay

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Accounting Major

“Why I chose to major in accounting and what career path I plan to follow. ” There are two things in my life that I feel passion for, art and numbers. When I started at Miami Dade College, I always thought that I would study Architecture because even though I loved numbers, I was more inclined to the arts. I wanted to create models and design buildings because it seemed very interesting and it was a way to develop my creative side.

So I began to study architecture and I must admit it is a beautiful major. However, a part of me thought that it was not really what I wanted to do. I realized that I was not creative enough and little by little, I started to feel discouraged. At that point, I was convinced that I was going to do better if I majored in anything related to numbers. Anyway, I can develop any artistic interest as a hobby. So I chose to major in Accounting because I can work with numbers which I like.

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Also, it is a practical major because it is concise, but at the same time there is some kind of art involved. The artistic part lies in selecting the information that is relevant to the user and has faithful representation. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) defines accountancy as “… the art of recording, classifying, and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money… transactions and events that are at least partly financial in character, and interpreting the results. I found my perfect combination of numbers and art, even though accounting is more than that. Accounting is the type of major that is everywhere. Every kind of business needs an accountant; a restaurant, a hospital, a retail store. In this type of economy that we live, where everything moves around business, we need someone to take care of tracking the expenses and revenues for us.

Accountants give a snapshot of the financial health of a business. At this moment, I am still not sure about the path I plan to follow. I am thinking auditing or taxes. I like auditing because I have to analyze and evaluate processes, products, services, systems, organizations and employees. Also, is a way to help society because I would contribute to ensure compliance with government regulations. I would ensure ethics in every company I give my services. My other option is To master in Taxes.

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