Importance of Respect, Talent in Football

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It’s easy to see that Football is the most fun sport ever invented. To be a promising football player you have to poses physical, mental talent. Above all the qualifications of becoming a football player, I think respect on the field is a necessity. Respecting players and plays will most certainly bring you closer to a career as a football player. The game of football has been proven to be more of a mental than physical but physical abilities are also important.

It’s good to work out for physical ability, but a rest is essential to achieve the goal.

Each football team has an offense and defense. The referee calls all the decisions on the field. Recently, a player was tackled by the neck, so the referee called unnecessary roughness penalty. It’s good to be physical but referees are trained to watch out for the safety of players. I played football as a wide receiver at Burlington High School.

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I loved every second I was on the field playing offense. Of all the receivers that have ever played in the National Football League, Randy Moss is my favorite.

In his prime time, he made amazing catches to give his team a chance to win the game. Thinking who far he had come, Randy Moss made every moment count. Running down the sidelines of the defense, he was able to out run any defender trying to tackle him.

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Holding the ball in his hands, he was fierce as teams needed more than one defender to tackle him. To me Randy Moss is more than a player, he is a mentor and inspirational to all the football fans. To accomplish the success that he had, he had to put in extra practice work and mental awareness of the opponent.

I always wanted to be like him and able to play football like him. Football is that kind of a sport where by the harder you practice, the better you get. Now that he has retired, Calvin Johnson is the only other active receiver that I can compare him to. Before the super bowl each year, fans all over the nation gather around and get ready for the game. It is the most watched championship game each year in all sports. Because the game is viewed by millions of people, companies get the opportunity to advertise their products to people.

Just as companies want to advertise their products, they are also required to show off their creativity in the commercials. Each super bowl game, there is a commercial that wins peoples favorite vote for most creativity. In High School the coach always told the players if you forget what you supposed to do on the field; I will be glad explain. Football is a team sport; the success of the team is determined by how much work each member puts in. I will want some day help build football fields for kids to play; that is a promise I make.

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Importance of Respect, Talent in Football

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