About Studies Alfred Kinsey Related To Sexual Behavior

Alfred Kinsey conducted studies of sexual behavior between male and females. His work marked the start of an era with sexual exploration and openness. Kinsey’s studies and his two books on human sexuality, discussed the different myths and misconceptions society had about human sexuality. Kinsey was born on June 23, 1894 in Hoboken, New Jersey. He is the son of Alfred Seguin Kinsey, a part time Methodist preacher and teacher and Sarah Ann Charles. Kinsey grew up poor and his family was very conservative and Christian.

His father severely discouraged all forms of sexual gratification, including heterosexual contact. His father’s beliefs greatly impacted his topic of research years later. I believe that because of Kinsey’s environment and his father’s beliefs, he was sexually repressed for a long time and that this is what sparked his interest in the topic to which he studied later on. One of Kinsey’s many theories is that everyone is different and yet wants and tries to be the same.

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I agree with Kinsey’s theory. I believe that if a person is raised in an environment in which sexual freedom is not expressed or accepted, then that person will hide their sexual intentions in order to fit in and be accepted, and vice versa. I do not think that we should betray our own nature. If we betray our own nature then many frustrations, including unhappiness and a low self-esteem are to be in effect. Some of the research methods that Kinsey used was direct observation/observational study, volunteer sampling, and case studies.

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Kinsey had volunteers and co-workers participate in various sexual encounters under the supervision of himself and his staff. His data also came from detailed, face-to-face interactive interviews. One research method that compares to the research methods used by Kinsey is generalize. Using his research methods, Kinsey used information from his case to draw conclusions about a larger population, as one does in the research method, generalize.

The research methods, direct observation/observational study and case studies, are descriptive research. Advantages of direct observation and case studies is that this research is can provide an in-depth view of any topic and lots of valuable details. Disadvantages of these research methods is that it can be difficult to determine a cause and effect relationship. The advantages of volunteer sampling is that it is more ethical and usually provides a variety of different people. A disadvantage of volunteer sampling is that since the subject is volunteering, they most likely have an interest in the topic and could give biased information depending on the topic. Kinsey’s research exceeded just theories and interviews. His research included observation and participation in sexual activity involving co-workers and volunteer subjects.

He encouraged the participation of sexual activity until comfortability. Kinsey filmed sexual acts, including the involvement of his co-workers and volunteers, in the attic of his home. Kinsey’s research became very controversial and I believe that is because it was a time in which society was just coming out of a very conservative era. Kinsey’s work influenced the world to believe that sex was good, tolerance for sexual variation was acceptable, and that sex is not an uncomfortable topic. He believed sex should be free and should be without any consequences”. Kinsey’s research on human sexuality explored sexuality from a scientific perspective and introduced the field of sexology.

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