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Essay on About Myself

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My Self Image Today

When I know I’m right, I stand up of what I believe and I won’t back down so it makes me as stubborn as a mule. I’m deep because I have great understanding for everyone because I know what it’s like to be unhappy, and even though I may be an outcast, I have no problem with it. I’m not afraid to actually show who I am, I don’t care what people say because I know what is true and what’...

Letter to the reader

Now my third essay is about an Autobiographical Incident that impacted my life in some way. How did the incident affect me? What were some thoughts during the experience? What are my thoughts on it now? This essay is something that means a lot to me because it impacted my life in so many ways. It was kind of hard trying to type up this paper without crying but it was well worth it in the end; beca...

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Cultural Autobiography

Or perhaps they will express collectivism in some other different formats, such as neighborhood groups and volunteer societies. At any rate, eventually rising population of people without close relatives to watch after them as they age will mean a need for more caregiving and health care professionals. There are many aspects that define my life, including my status as a student, family member, and...

My Autobiography - Example

I have to work to support myself and my two sisters; by August 13, 2012, I was re-hired as a trainer in Philippine Caretaker Training and Assessment Center Inc. I worked there until June 29, 2013. I resigned because of the poor management; the manager tended to bring down the staff instead of encouraging them to grow professionally. My plan is to save for my future since I have no family and I am ...

Uniqueness Among Friends

I like to stay in my room because its peaceful and quiet it’s like a library for me. And I also have my own TV in my room because I am the only one that watches TV in the house and I always watch TV before I sleep. And the paint of my room is white and I have my own bed, soccer ball, and my own skateboard. In conclusion I and my friends are different from each other. And we also have a lot of th...

If I Could Change One Thing About Myself

Would I like to completely quit doubting about anything? I think not. Doubts are a natural mechanism which helps us make the best possible decision in every particular case; without this ability we would most likely make random, uninformed decisions regardless of their possible consequences. But, at the same time, when the decision is made, you must start working to actualize it without hesitation...

My Street in the City I Live

Finally and possibly most importantly would be the intimacy of the street, the personalisation of the street. I was having a drink with a few classmates not so long ago. There we sat drinking on the pavement of this coffee shop on a typical hot Maltese summer's day discussing architecture. "What made this street so popular?" someone at the table asked. What brought thousands of students here every...

My favorite things

The last of my favourite things are my hands, which are preceded by skinny elongated arms, both of which could be used rather effectively in a Geography lesson to teach the concept of a river and its many tributaries, due to the map of the deep-blue veins that run their course along the inside of my arms. Yet, this ghostly sight is forgotten when I remember the soothing feeling of a long, hot bath...

Secretary Speech

I believe that I'm a very organised person, who can be depended and relied upon, and this can be seen in the level of effort I put into my assignments, which are always on time. At university I work hard in everything I do and remain dedicated in my activities, as well as my course, business which helps with some of the demands of being secretary due to the fact administration is a key element in ...

My Most Embarrassing Moment

The orders were to march out on the field carrying Popeye. Popeye was to be laid down at the fifty yard line. We were to raise him up on cue. We were instructed to then march off the field with him. All of this was to be done in a fully packed stadium with hundreds of people watching. We marched out on the field without any incident. Although the wind was a little strong, but not bad. We laid Pope...

Unforgettable Moment of My Life

My friend Sara helped me a lot to understand and speak English. Every time we talked to each other; she would always communicate with me in English, and I would respond in English. That helped me a lot to improve my English learning. Because learning other language specifically English it will help me to cooperate and integrate with the local community. This expression, lead me to learn a lot of t...

The Importance of Portfolio as Proof of Professionalism

Apparently, being able to complete a professional quality portfolio gives value to the skills and possibilities that a person can exemplify in the professional setting. Adding up to this is the fact that portfolio highlights the tremendous assets that a person possesses based on his or her personal experience. From here, one can easily say that a professional quality portfolio is an invaluable ele...

Senior Prefect Application

I think it is evident that I am very much a people person and feel in my opinion that communicating well with others and listening to fellow students worries and opinions is the main responsibility of a senior prefect which I think I will be able to fullfill. By applying for the position of Senior Prefect, I hope to acquire responsibilities at a level which I have never before experienced. Constan...

Personal Experience in Sociobiography

Amari has made me a better person, every day she motivates me to finish college here at Brown Mackie and make a better living for me and her. She is my reason for everything I do in life because I know now that life isn’t about me anymore. So to wrap it up with a bow, All of these events and people have molded me into who and what I am today because without meeting these people or having them in...

Me, Myself and I

Ok I’ll get to introduce myself first. HAHA‼ I am Kaye Osorio Bautista, 15 years of age. Likes? Well am not that kind of brat person if they do like me, I like them too. If they do not like me, I guess I do not like them too. That is my attitude always depends on person on how you are going to treat me. I had many of friends. Real friends I guess? Maybe because am just being so true for them. ...

About Myself With Help of Johari Window

I think this is a normal way of self=preservation. Finally for my Unknown Window, I have put details like ability to speak in public, capacity to mobilize people and capability to be of service to the humanity. I have just recently discovered these things through an event in which I have been forced to do these things for a cause that I really believe. In the future, I plan to improve on these rec...

A Letter To Myself

Do not be dismayed at what tomorrow will bring, it will lead to wonderful ends.  You will have a son who will do well in life.  A woman will come into your life who will be a dream come true and you’ll wind up content in your living.  You will appreciate life’s foibles and remember , “Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.”  (Albert Einstein, Great Quotations, pg. 225)...

Free sample essay about myself and my perseverance

I never tell anyone that I am tired of work or study. Success will come to those who get up and go far. This is my life motto which always reminds me of how vital it is to be hard-working and resilient towards failures. Those who didn't believe in my entering the desired university were even bigger motivation. And I am thankful to them for sharing the personal viewpoints. I learn that no matter wh...

An Essay About Myself

Obviously, there will be a triple-tier cake and refreshments. I was planning for it be vegan so everyone can eat it. I also have a brief history of centennial slideshow in my plan. We could also have little virtual reality stalls to tell more about the history. The gym will be decorated in the school colours, red and white. Then we can have an Award's show recognizing the staff and students of Cen...

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