About Leadership, Motivation, Enthusiasm, Networking And Positiveness

Leadership, motivation, enthusiasm, networking and positiveness. Discuss these Topics.


Leadership is a technique to lead in a team. It depends on certain factors. Good leader must be flexible and able to adapt changing circumstances. It does not have the only one right way to lead in all circumstances, and one main characteristic of good leader. They differ in every situation.

Certain skills that a good leader needs:

1. Strategic thinking skills:

Leader must build a strategy that is good enough to tackle with some situation.

The best strategy does not get distracted and provide a better result.

2. Planning and Delivery Skills:

One must have good plans on how to manage things properly on work place or the place they need to deal with a situation.

3. Communication skills:

The leader must be best the communication. Because he need to talk to different kinds of people to give them, way to do things and let them know what he wants to convey to them.

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For Example. I personally work at warehouse run by Zara. The team leader there has a lot of work to do daily there. He has to organize the workers and hit the productivity target that is different every day. He has to manage the time of workers doing work and he amount of products that should be done in given time by the workers. He has to distribute equal amount of work by doing certain calculations so that his team does their work as a best team of that warehouse.

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Team is only good if their managers are motivating them to do their work effectively.

For a productive team a productive environment is needed to be created. We have to develop an environment that is need to get that.

One must provide a good designed work to an employee to get him to be motivated toward his job. It is hard to motivate people but is better for the better result. Effective goals must be set up for the employers to make them achieve the goals and get the power to achieve more goals like that.

Doesn’t matter how the work is done always motivate the workers with a little scolding to the better next time. Always tell them they can do better next time if they are focused on their goal. You must know strengths and weaknesses of your employer to set them to a motivational goal.

At our warehouse, the supervisor everyday give a motivational speech every day before the shift to cheer up the workers to get their set goal and sometimes to go beyond the set goal to achieve the additional target of the day. On the same hand, some workers find it good for them and achieve the required thing by the time set.


Enthusiasm is an ability to display a keen interest in activity. It is single step ahead of a mere interest thing. The person who is has enthusiasm has a strong feeling of eagerness to do the job. We can tell by looking on someone’s face that he/she is enthusiased to do the work or not.

A manger or team leader would love to see this enthusiasm in his/her workers. It has a large number of benefits to employee as well as employer.

The enthusiastic does not get demotivated just because of small errors at work. He loves to work even when the situation is not well at workplace.

This thing is infectious. By the time coworkers get zealous and attain a passion to do work up to their colleagues.it transforms on a workplace from person to person.

We need to be careful from negative voices from our coworkers or media that can even snap our enthusiasm.

Some of workers at workplace love to do their jobs and show other people their enthusiasm to do work. Others get inspired and start replicating them by doing more and more positive works. Sometimes we face people who demotivate us by sayib=ng things like, what we get by doing additional work, but we should not listen to them and do our work by our own will and generate good working skills.


Networking is perhaps a standout amongst the most essential skills for entrepreneurs. It consists of making connections and relations with people from other places. These skills nowadays are needed in every field. The two most important networking skills that we can develop are good listening and asking questions.

We must maintain good eye. A good listener actively pays attention to conversation.

You must have good contact with your coworkers or your employees. They should be good listeners of you and obey the things you ask them to do.


The positive thinking is the idea that we can change our life by thinking positively about the things. Research also shows that positive thinking has scientific basis.

Most of negative emotions such as fear or anger degrade the skills of a person to do the work.

FOR EXAMPLE: if you have a lot to do and you start thinking of you can’t do it, this will shut your brain and stop you from doing the things you were supposed to do.

Positive thinking on other hand can be helpful in not only completing the you were doing but to overcome the fear of not to do work and generate extended productivity.

Our team leader at our work always give us positive motivation and make us do our work on our own and helps us in gaining much positive attitude at work. We are well trained by giving positive speech at starting of shift so that we can give our best in every aspect that we can give.


Links are, www.mindtools.com, www.skillsyouneed.com, www.cleverism.com, www.jbs.cam.ad.uk, www.thebalancecareers.com.

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