About Frans Lanting: A Wildlife Photographer

Frans Lanting is a wildlife photographer that captures the voice of animals. He was not a photographer from the start but he always had a love for nature. He was looking into being an environmentalist and studying environmental planning. As he grew up, he slowly drifted away from nature until he went to California. The nature and climate drew him back into what he loved; this was the beginning of the Frans Lanting photography career.

Former Director of Photography at National Geographic states that Frans Lanting “has the mind of a scientist, the heart of a hunter, and the eyes of a poet.

” The reason for his photos has to do with the human impact on wildlife and how destructible we can be. ‘The heart of the hunter’ links to Lanting because their love for wildlife encourages them to interact with wildlife. In his photos Lanting captures the essence of fauna which shows his love for wildlife. But it’s how he perceives the image that puts the emotion into the photo.

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Anyone can take a picture but you have to grasp the right moment, time, and angle to understand the full image. Once the picture is taken, the people looking at the photo will see what the photographer sees and will recognize the true value of the photo. Lanting states “If you don’t understand what you are photographing, you are just looking at the surface of things. There’s an interaction that goes on between animals and myself, and I’m working with them.

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” As you can see, Lanting not just takes the picture but he interacts with the animal. This shows how much thought is put into his photos to make the pride shine through the animals.

Since humans have such a powerful impact on the animal life, his photos are the communication between the animal and people. The way he communicates is with emotion, for example his book, Into Africa. This book shows beautiful photos of endangered animals: such as, the “Elephant at Dawn” which is the photo above. This photo captures a ravishing view of an elephant having a simple day with the water, birds, and sun. Since elephants are endangered, people start to feel a loss of that beautiful moment from that picture. Another one of his goals is to show that all animals are the same no matter what skin. A penguin is just as equal as a monkey even though they are different.

As he connects the animals together, he compares it to the human society. He wants to get the point across that we are all humans no matter what skin color. Every picture has a connection with humans. As Lanting takes these photos, he sees how the ecosystem dramatically changes. People often don’t realize how much they are affecting the environment but Lanting makes sure that he presents his perspective on the world. This then gives people the chance to see the beautiful outside world and make them realize what world they were brought into. This is what drives Frans Lanting to make photos.

As expressed, Frans Lanting is one of the best influential and wildlife photographers. He has experienced and traveled all around the world to freeze the right moment onto a camera. He then brings it to the world and shares all of his experience in one photo. This is how strong one picture can be. This love of his for nature shows through his photos and reach out to the audience. His photos capture every essence of life to present to the world. There’s always a meaning behind the picture and that is what makes it valuable.

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