A Review of Django Unchained, a 2012 American Western Film by Quentin Tarantino

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Django unchained is a movie story about Django, an African American slave who is saved by Dr. Schultz a bounty hunter for the local government. The movie presents a number of themes and messages to the viewer including slavery, violence, vengeance, and racial discrimination. The plot of the movie and an analysis of the major themes is as presented below. The movie starts when Django is being transported together with fellow slaves by their slave masters. Django was sold off by Candie, a rich plantation owner, who took his wife Broomhilda as a captive.

Dr. King Schultz stops Django's masters to buy one slave who would help him track the Brittle brothers. Ace, one of Django's masters aims a gun at Dr. Schultz after he was irritated by Dr. Schultz's questions. This irritated Dr. Schultz who quickly killed him; thereby leaving his partner, Dicky, in the hands of the other prisoners. The slaves overpower Dicky and kill him while Django accompanies Dr.

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Schultz in hunting the Brittle brothers after the two agreed that he would help him rescue his wife from Candie.

After murdering the Brittle brothers, Dr. Schultz requested Django to join him in the security department after Schultz realized that Django was very skilled at aiming and taking accurate shots. During the spring season, Schultz and Django set off on a journey to Mississippi to save his wife Broomhilda. After arriving at Candie's plantations, Schultz pretended to have a liking for German-speaking to girls. The plan fails to work when one of Candie's workers discovers that Broomhilda and Django knew each other.

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Django was captured by Candie's men after a heavy gunfire. He was later sold to Australian masters at a throw away price. However, he manages to kill them during his transportation to his new home. Django goes back to Candie's plantations and kills Candie's soldiers, rescues his wife, and burns the main house. Django Unchained has many themes and messages that it passes across. The first subject in the movie is slavery which was portrayed when Django and other slaves were transported by their masters. Additionally, the topic was depicted when Broomhilda and her fellow workers were forced to work in the plantations. Moreover, they were misused and forced to participate in "Mandingo fights”. Finally, the theme was showed when Django was sold off as a worker to the Australians after being captured by Candie's men at Candyland plantations.

Another theme presented in the movie is Vengeance. Vengeance was depicted when Django’s fellow slaves kill their remaining master, Dicky (Speck and Chante 35). Revenge was further described when Django and Schultz murdered Candie and all his men. Django goes further to burn Candie's home before escaping with his wife Broomhilda. Finally, it was represented when the main character executes his Australian masters who had bought him from Candie's men.

Racial discrimination is another major theme presented in Django unchained. It is first seen when black captives are transported by the Speck brothers while being chained and whipped (Speck and Chante 48). The individuals are saved by Schultz who later takes Django as a slave until he helps him find the Brittle brother. The aspect was further portrayed at Candyland farmstead where blacks are kept as worker in the plantations. Additionally, the black are forced to engage in fight-to-the-death fights called “Mandingo fights”. Finally, perception topic is well strengthened by the fact that the all slaves in the farms and in other pasts are blacks (Tarantino 57).

Another theme presented in Django Unchained is violence. Violence is first shown when Schultz kills Ace leaving his partner at the mercy of the slaves. The captives further show ferocity by assassinating their remaining master and escape. The subject is also shown when the government issues warrants to Dr. Schultz instead of using lawful means of restoring order in the society. Additionally, the “Mandingo fights”, where participants are expected to fight to the death, are another depiction of violence (Tarantino 66). Finally, the topic is portrayed in Candyland when Dr. Schultz and Django engage in gunfights with Candie's men and kill each other without much thought.

The music used in Django Unchained uses a spaghetti western style and helps to create the slavery setting and mood. The songs help in inducing and creating different moods in regard to the activities of the setting (Speck and Chante 73). The melody helps in emphasizing themes of freedom, sympathy, romance, brevity, and sadness according to the setting and characters present. It helps to bring out the background and mood for the different scenes played. The music used helps the viewer to know if there is change of theme and setting thus helping the viewer to follow the scenes accordingly. The music also helps one to know the start and the end of a scene or event (Tarantino 96). In conclusion, Django Unchained is a movie story about Django, an African-American slave who is saved by Dr. King Schultz who is a bounty hunter in the local government. Various themes were portrayed in the story; hence helping the readers to understand better.

Updated: Feb 15, 2022
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A Review of Django Unchained, a 2012 American Western Film by Quentin Tarantino essay
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