A Personal Review of All Summer in a Day, a Short Story by Ray Bradbury

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I felt really sad and angry when I read this book. I was angry about how the children weren’t too nice to her especially William. When William was bossing Margo around made me wish I could go in the story and hurt his feelings. I was also really sad when the children left Margo in the closet and missed the sun. It was even sadder when the children realised but none of them wished to admit what they did.

If I were Margo I would have told of William to leave me alone.

I would have screamed until my lungs stopped working to get out of the closet. It’s not fair that the children’s jealousy got to them. They should’ve just accepted that Margo was from earth and could remember the sun. What happened to Margo should be changed. William should’ve been the one locked up in the closet instead. Margo should’ve stood her ground and be the better person by standing up.

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I don’t think the title fits the book. The book is called All Summer In A Day. I think the new title should be All Summer In Two Hours. On Venus it rains for seven years but once every seven years the sun comes out for just two hours. The title s saying that summer happens all in one day but really it’s just for two hours. I would give the readers a better picture about how the children felt before even reading the story.

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It would make the readers think about how much they love the summer for the short three months. It would also make them want to share their summer with the people on Venus.

All Summer In A Day is a fiction book. The setting is on a colonized planet (Venus) that hasn’t been colonized yet. The way the teacher payed attention to the students wasn’t too good. When the teacher didn’t notice Margo was missing could’ve been a bigger problem.

Nowadays if you go to the bathroom the teachers freak out if you forgot to ask. The story isn’t telling us facts about Venus just a story with a sad moral. If the story did tell us facts about Venus it could be a non-fiction book.

This book reminds me about my mom. After her surgery she wanted to come and play outside with me and Gwen but couldn’t because she was still injured. SHe felt like Margo because she was locked in the house as we play and enjoyed ourselves outside. Margo was locked inside the closet while the children enjoyed the brief two hours outside in the sun. My mom missed a big part of our lives because of her surgery. Margo missed a big part of her life by missing the sun.

The theme in this book is jealousy. You can tell because most of the other kids are jealous of Margo. Their jealous because she can remember the sun and they can’t. It doesn’t help that she’s from earth not Venus. Another theme in this book is forgiveness. The other children are going to want Margo to forgive them for locking her up. It’s up to Margo to forgive them or be jealous because they saw the sun. The author made the story on a cliffhanger by not knowing if Margo will forgive them.

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