Rhetorical Analysis Reflections

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I battle with Rhetorical Analysis essays, however this specific paper appeared to puzzle me more than the other rhetorical analysis essays that I have encountered this year. The score I received was an 8, and I was truthfully rather stunned to see that. I understood I had written a paper to pass, but to reveal that I had actually sufficiently written the paper shocked me. This essay was difficult in specific because the rhetorical strategies were very hard to find. I observed that Richard Rodriguez wrote using a lot of compare and contrast, so I based my essay off of that.

With that concept, I elaborated the method in excellent detail, which may have accounted for the high score that I got.

The paper was really well structured, but it was very one-sided in my opinion. The primary factor I was not sure about a high score was because of an absence of addition of other rhetorical methods. I understood that the paper was well written, but I was not always sure how well I was going to do.

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While checking out sample essays launched from Collegeboard, I did discover that they were looking for something to do with compare and contrast, and I think that is why I scored to high on the paper. I did not understand that compare and contrast was a rhetorical strategy, but it is great to take your idea, and let your ideas flow. That is how you develop extremely strong writing. WC: 250

Midwest Rhetorical Analysis Reflection

The Midwest Rhetorical Analysis Essay was hard to write since I had an absence of interest towards this particular prompt.

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The Midwest has never captivated me; it has always been the West or East Coast that I have been really interested in. My lack of interest towards the Midwest made it a very difficult write. Throughout the years, when I am provided topics that interest and interest me, I am able to compose them effectively. However if I am offered a timely which I do not actually appreciate, I will pick the easier side to blog about and go from there. Passion raises my writing. The lack of enthusiasm towards this essay is the factor it is not composed very well.

It was a difficult write, and I am positive that with a prompt involving the west or east coast, your writing improves. The score of 6 that I received is due to the fact that this paper was very adequate, and easy to follow. The text is very boring, but the reason it was scored as a passing paper if primarily due to following the necessary standards of the AP scoring rubric for 6 papers. Cause and effect was the main strategy that I used in talking about rhetorical devices. I used it to explain how the Midwest is not the same as people may perceive it. The Midwest has a lot to offer, and people just need to give it a chance and figure out what is hiding within the land. WC: 259

Summative Rhetorical Analysis Reflection

I believe I deserved the score of an 8 on this paper. I really connected to the text, and my ideas just started flowing. This paper demonstrated a lot of my strengths as a writer, and my score reflects that. My use of personal anecdotes to describe the author’s imagery and pathos really enhanced my essay. I was able to use personal evidence amd samples from the text to demonstrate my ability to master this paper. Essays that I can relate to are very easy to describe and write about. That is exactly what happened as I was writing this paper. The text, Last Child in the Woods reminded me of my childhood, and I used specific example from the text to describe that. This paper displayed much strength and very few weaknesses.

A problem I have with my writing is poor grammar, and I believe that is due to the timing factor. You really have no time to fix your mistakes when you are crunched for time. Luckily you are scored on what you do well rather than everything that you have done wrong considering that this paper is not a finished product. Anecdotes, contrasting views, imagery, and pathos were all rhetorical strategies that I have present in my essay. This was the final rhetorical essay that I had written all year, and my improvement is clearly demonstrated from my first essay to my last. Improvement is key, and I am happy to have my best writing at the end of the year rather than the start. WC: 262

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