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A Patch of Old Snow Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 2 (369 words)

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Few people make mistakes and fix them, most people make mistakes, don’t fix them, neglect them, and later end up feeling remorse about the situation. In the poem “A Patch of Old Snow” by Robert Frost a man is reminded of a past situation, which he has failed to reminisce about for a long time. The man notices a patch of old snow in the corner of the room, which later turns out to be a dirty piece of paper.

The paper symbolizes an old memory that he has been reminded of, and he now feels regret about it. He states it is information that he has forgotten, if he ever read it. In the poem “A Patch of Old Snow,” by Robert Frost, Frost reveals the theme of the story that everyone makes mistakes, neglects to fix them, and later feels remorse for their actions, which is portrayed through the metaphor of the crumpled piece of paper in the corner of the room.

In “A Patch of Old Snow” Frost represents the theme of the story using metaphors of old snow and crumpled paper. As shown in the lines “The news of a day I’ve forgotten– If I ever read it.” Here Frost characterizes the theme of the story as everyone makes mistakes and neglects to fix them and later feels remorse from their actions. When he writes “The news of a day I’ve forgotten–” it clearly shows that he is trying to portray the paper as an old memory that he has disregarded.

When he explains “If I ever read it,” it reveals that he has neglected this memory and forced it to become a problem later in life, explaining the theme of the poem to a greater extent. The neglected memory that explains the theme of the story is created through the metaphor of the paper, which is clearly shown in the lines “Was a blow-away paper the rain had brought to rest.” The speckled piece of paper represents the faulty situation of which he has forgotten. He also presents the metaphor of time using rain, meaning the time has made him forget the memory and put it to rest. This poem reveals its powerful theme…

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