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A little heart crying without mother

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (988 words)
Categories: Family,Heart,Parent,Parenting
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Imagine how would be the life of children without their mothers. Imagine how would be the feeling of migrated mothers who left their children in their mother country. A transferred mother has to sell her time for dollars to give a better life to her kids which she didn’t have in her childhood. Most Filipino mothers have to travel to another country due to circumstances; however the possible influence of migration status on the mothering practices of these migrant women has not yet been subject to scrutiny.

Mothering strategies used to negotiate their absence from home with a view to finding out how the migration status influences those strategies. Sampang uses the argumentative technique of emotion, ethics and logic to effectively provide her readers about her choice of moving to Canada.

Regular calls tend to become less frequent with time as migrant mothers become more adjusted to their new country and as family. However this freedom isn’t necessarily mean the end of hardships as their eventual reunification with their children laid bare the painful effects of their long years of physical separation.

Despite their intensive mothering from afar, most of them mention the emotional gap between them and their children. Sampang uses emotion to convince the reader to understand her choice for moving from her family. Mothers regret their decision to migrate and blame themselves for the negative consequences of their migration on their children academic failure, teenage marriage. sampang says ” ” in motherhood for dollars similarly.

When parents are leaving that makes mothers life in too bad to worst same kids’ lives too. Every single minute that she is spending in that country makes her feel isolated. For instance, sampang says “I didn’t see the magic nor feel the peace these surroundings offer” in motherhood for dollars article. Since the time differences mother can’t talk to them every time since their children are sleeping and they have less time to share their feeling and ideas each other sampan in the motherhood for dollars says that ” bye bye lub you mwah mwah afterwards I’ll go to bed happy, back to my own life and they back to theirs similarly “when I called my mom to tell my problems that I’m having here without her she said” I’m busy I love you I will call you back my love” so it maked not to tell anything to her because she is busy”(Medeleine Vibert,They stole my innocence/toni Maguire,page:200)

Emphasize the importance of a mother’s physical presence at home to guide her children effectively. Most children who don’t have their parents with them are choosing wrong paths in their lives because they don’t have proper guidance. The life of Filipino migrant mothers resolves around the reproduction of family life, not only through sending remittance money but also through maintaining a sort of gifts characterized by the exchange of objects, words and gestures of good will. Similarly sampang says “I’d believed I’ve raised them right, and expressed my motherly love in a variety of personal and material ways” in motherhood for dollars.

Having boxes of boxes of gifts is nothing without a mother. Each and every object that mother is sending is filling up the home and boxes as well but the it can’t covers the mothers absence anymore. Different materials which has manufactured from alliance counties what we can do with that without a mother. “When my son died two years ago, I accepted it because I was practical. I was thinking about the future of my other children. It was like, I just tried to stand the pain. · Of course we will not depend on my siblings, I’m the only person on who[m] my children count, so whatever happens, even if I am painful inside that I wasn’t able to see his dead body, I hope he will forgive me, I hope he will understand the situation. “(Vivian, mother of seven, undocumented migrant since 1997)

Mother always wants to see the success of their kids’ lives it mostly showcase in motherhood for dollars article because sampan says “I remind them every chance I got that I was here and they were there because I wanted them to have the things I never has as a child”, isn’t it a innocent hope that is she holding in her life that is what she wants always to see in her kids’ lives. As long as physically mother is with her children are having a good life style and education as well. Mother is always asking what are the children’s needs and migrated mother always sending money to get everything that her kids wanted because she always wants to show that she is here for them anytime and let me know the needs that want she will provide. Nevertheless, children need nothing without mother that is the reality.

Overall, emotion allows the reader to understand sampangs situation better. I think a life without mother is like a dark room with no electricity. However, every migrated mother has a reason to leave their children that is because she always wants to give a better life that she never had in her childhood. Physically absence is making kids’ lives so worst as sampan says that only the very first kid completed university successfully others got married in their teenage. Emotion wrap up everything in this sampan story and the life without mother who has lmigrated.


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