Thank You for My Banking Career Start!

It may not be appropriate for me directly writing to you as I guess in a normal circumstance none of a 26 young adult will have the honor of directly communicating with you but please spend a minute to read this emailt I may not be the one with most talented but I have accomplished something which most others did not: satisfy one‘s mother’s dream. Due to the name of which where my morn has been working for almost two decades, I decided to study finance when I was in high school As a result, I chose property finance as my first elective finance course As I have increased the exposure to finance, I become passionate about investment in finance, On the edge of my graduation, I was told that by my parents who want me to become a CPA As my mom has given a lot of effort in raising me up which was my duty to satisfy her dream by not only fulfilling her wish but also exceed it by having two CPA license, Therefore, I am proudly to share with you that I have successfully satisfied my mom dream.

In the mean time, I sacrifice the opportunity to be a fresh graduate opportunity in investment banking industry, The opportunity to get into the investment banking industry is rare, especially I am not born from a wealthy family nor graduate from any one of the Ivy league college.

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I might not able to get into the door even if I have not gone through the path of getting my CPA.

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However, I have been giving in my best effort since the first day of my working life in order to catch up for the difference, Thank you for the opportunity for the interview in Morgan Stanley which is a great motivation for me as I am happy to share with you I have passed CFA Level 1. It may not be a significant accomplishment but it demonstrates my ability to deliver the end result. Besides my personal career development, I have been able to deliver my performance at my current work at ICBC Asia as I have scored 171/200 which lets me to be ranks as top rankt With my determination and my ability, I believe I could handle the challenging and fast past environment at Morgan Stanley From one of your public speech. I am sure at current my issue must create some inconvenience to you as it is not a perfect timing to disturb you from your busy schedule However, please forgive me for being straight forward as I am asking for your mercy to provide me an opportunity for Morgan Stanley or any other opportunity in other bank for an investment position. Thank you for inviting me to your son birthday party when I was a kids Wish you and your family a great year in the year of horse.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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