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12 Angry Men Essay Examples

Essay on 12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men Essay - Pathos ethos and logos

He also convinces the jury of how the woman across the street could not be able to see the boy through the train without her spectacles on. He explains, “It's logical to assume that she wasn't wearing them when she was in bed. Tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep.” Then the juror continues by saying, “I don't know - I'm guessing! I'm also guessing that she probably didn't put her glass...

12 Angry Men The Film

Without a full on debate, they would have never figured out that this was actually impossible to do in the 15 seconds that the old man said it took. In another scene the jury also discussed the old woman’s testimony that she saw the murder take place through the el train. If they had not gone through this in detail and figured out that she actually wore glasses and couldn’t have seen the assai...

Literary Analysis 12 Angry Men

It was in the end of the very last scene that our antagonist was given a name. He introduces himself by the name of “Davis” to another juror as they are leaving the courthouse. Ironically, my maiden name is “Davis”. I suspected that the writer has a reason for doing this so I looked for the meaning of the surname Davis. “Davis” is Welsh in origin. It is a patronymic name that means, ...

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12 angry men paper

The movie 12 Angry Men was about a trial during the 1950’s in which a Hispanic boy supposedly killed his father, and twelve white men deliberate to determine his fate. They start out 11 to 1, and one by one they change sides till they eventually acquit him of all the charges. Things like racism, baseball tickets, and fear of what other people think are a few things that affected their individual...

The Twelve Angry Men Movie Review

Fonda was the most important leader in this movie. He took over as a leader after foreman stepped down. He attended to maintenance needs, he proposed valid information, and was passionate toward swaying the group not to condemn the boy to death. As a leader, Fonda listened to the low status people when they had information to give. For example, Klugman had information about the knife that might ha...

12 Angry Men - Critical Thinkers

He had the obstacle of trying to stand up for himself, understand his voice counts and that his mind works just like others. Juror 11 conquered this obstacle when juror 8 was talking about the wound, he realized that the someone taller would have had to been the killer. He also explained to the others that a switchblade is use in an upward motion. Once these characters got over their obstacles, th...

12 Angry Men Analysis

He possessed a few leadership traits that persuaded some of the other jurors to listen to him. Juror #8 was intelligent, respectful, open-minded, calm, and had good listening skills. At the begioing of the film everyone was yelling at him and telling him that he was crazy. He didn’t fight back or get angry he stayed calm. He just wanted everyone to hear him out and have a discussion before acqui...

12 Angry Men Prejudice Essay

This is established when he states “you can’t believe a word they say…they act different… they don’t need any big excuse to kill someone. ” Juror #10 never really considers the facts of the case only using them as a pretext to vote guilty and to leave early. When he found it too difficult to change people’s opinions he simply gave up and voted not guilty. “I couldn’t care less”...

12 Angry Men Questions

8 for that, he'd have been replaced by an alternate. Yes, it's cool for characters in a movie to take the law into their own hands. In real life, you like to leave tasks like that to the people who have years of training and law enforcement experience. Even with that, Juror No. 8's whole line of reasoning is wrong at almost every step. According to the law, it's the jury's job to determine the ve...

12 Angry Men Movie Analysis

One by one, the other jurors begin getting up from the table and ignoring him. Even the juror who was consistently making wise cracks during the deliberations is looking away from him. Soon, no one in the room is backing him. He then retires to the corner, alone. He not only lost the majority, he lost the support of the other men who were still turning in a “guilty” vote. This is a great examp...

12 Angry Men

He would look at each testimony and very make a conscious effort to investigate the little details for any evidence of inconsistency that would lead others to have a reasonable doubt in their minds. For example, he ordered the blueprint of the old man’s house and emulated his limping walk to the door the exact distance so see if the old man could really reach the front door in 15 seconds. The ap...

12 Angry Men: Art of Persuation

With no doubt, by doing so, Juror Eight achieves the result he wants. In conclusion, this film shows how Juror Eight’s excellent persuasion skills can change other’s life. More important, while keeping his persuasion so effective, he has never done something unethical to persuade others, such as threating or lying. One of the insights that everyone should learn from this film is that one ought...

12 Angry Men: Emotion

In contrast, Juror #2 is new to the juror and hence very happy and excited about the case. When he gets the opportunity to talk about the case, he is very open towards any argument that is being made. He thinks logically of every piece of evidence that was not bought in court and makes his decisions regarding that. Therefore with a very unprejudiced happy mind his ability to think logically and re...

Prejudice and Stereotypes in 12 Angry Men

This contrast between these two attitudes is that 8th juror is attempting to form his opinions based on the specific factors affecting the defendant and the victim, and trying to focus on the human beings in the case at hand. 10th juror is content to convict the defendant based on stereotypes and generalised tendencies of others in similar situations. Once again, by aligning the less simplistic at...

Theme of Prejudice in the Film 12 Angry Men

Again we see how prejudice can get extreme when cornered, but also that when a prejudiced person is isolated instead of being part of a group he can sometimes give up (lack of individual courage? ) and perhaps gain some insight into his own outlook. We get two types of prejudice here. The prejudice of juror 3 is more personal, while that of juror 10 was more socially orientated. I have more resour...

12 Angry Men: Jury's Conflict Involved on Verdict

The last situation is an example of conflict as well as the approach to conflict. When the men choose to make an anonymous vote and one of them writes “not guilty” on the paper, jury member number three calls out the man who had grown up in the slums and says that he changed his vote because he fell for the preaching of the first member who felt the boy was not guilty. After yelling at the man...

Group Dynamics in 12 Angry Men

Ultimately, however, Juror #8's methods, while painstaking, were perhaps the most optimal, implementing as they did a careful strategy of communicative and practical organizational unity in spite of a seemingly irreconcilable spectrum of ideologies, personalities and intentions.  In the resolution of this unique film, the audience never does learn if the defendant is guilty...

A sample of 12 Angry Men essay

The second problem relates to the concept of small group communication. We were born in society and interaction is our primary occupation. There is no hesitation that every day we share information and express our opinion. Communication is the only source to overcome difficulties and solve puzzle in a peaceful way. If to plunge into the deep essence of the film, we can conclude that 12 men create ...

Angry Men

Fonda and Cobb revealed an emotional argument: The whole debate in which one character called the other a "sadist". A scuffle occurred afterward. Ed Begley revealed unqualified generalization: he was a racist who hated slum-kid such as the defendant. He went on a rant in which he claimed "not a one of them are any good". Sweeny showed false analogy: When he mentions how the one of the witnesses in...

12 Angry Men - the Definition of a Leader

Well, in the movie some jurors were reluctant to change their perception of the case, which we also know as “blocked by openness”. (Smith, 19) Davis try’s to challenge their perception by using, manipulating, and managing the facts presented in the case. By asking questions he was able to uncover insights and new evidence which lead to the other jurors changing their votes from guilty to not...

12 Angry Men sociological analysis

When the first vote most of the other Jurors by he fact he could think the boy was innocent and even were upset at him for thinking that. As the film progressed the Jurors began changing their votes, eventually the roles were reversed; Juror number 3 appear to be the one committing the deviant act since it is revealed his own reason for voting guilty is because of issues with his own son. One of t...

12 Angry Men Assignment

Juror number eight used informational social influence by making known the fact that it could not be fully proven that the boy did commit the murder based on the evidence and gave a balanced viewpoint on the situation. An example of normative social influence was when then 12 casted their vote on whether the boy was guilty of murder. Some of the jurors were hesitant on their votes strictly due to ...

"12 Angry Men" Book Analysis

"For this kid, you bet I'd pull the switch."(17) This shows how emotionally unstable Three is. He is a grown man living in a civilized community and would like to see a boy who he does not even know die by his own hands Eight does not think highly of Three for what he says about killing the boy and shouts "your a sadist."(17) which is the absolute truth about Three. The emotional make-up of a juro...

12 Angry Men Jury System

But [he wanted] to hear more” (p. 20) giving his support to Juror Eight. The judgement of each jury member is needed to form a verdict through a unanimous jury the timeframe allows this to be thoroughly examined. It becomes apparent that a unanimous jury is more superior and well framed compared to a majority verdict system. This is summarised as the extensive timeframe in a unanimous verdict sy...

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