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RG Blue communications pvt ltd is Pakistan’s newly established and highly renowned advertising agency. It enjoys a reputation of being eminent creative and “out of the box” thinkers. RG Blue communications pvt Ltd is a professionally administered and integrated marketing communications company, providing a vast array of media and marketing solutions to its clients.

RG Blue Communications pvt Ltd was established in 2006 by two advertising professionals namely, Khalid Saleem and Umer Jawed. Since then, it has catered many strong clients and had become a major player in the communication and advertising industry.

At RG Blue Communications, a highly professional and dedicated team works on accelerating their clients’ reputation in the local and global market and meeting the clients’ business objectives. This exhibits their core work values that at RG Blue they don’t believe in communications just for communications sake, rather they focus on planning and implementing campaigns that generate solid benefits for their clients.

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Number of Workers:

Their main office is located in Karachi. There are approximately 42 employees along with an exclusive creative development team of about 24 members.

Gender Distribution:

RG Blue Communications pvt Ltd believes in providing equal opportunities to everyone regardless of gender, race, caste or religion.


All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS)

It is recognized by All Pakistan Newspaper society- a society which regulates advertising and newsprint.

Pakistan’s Broadcaster Association (PBA)

It is a member of Pakistan’s Broadcaster Association- a public service broadcaster, it was formerly known as the Voice of Pakistan.

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It was started as Radio Pakistan.

ALIBABA Express:

RG Blue communications is Alibaba Express’s official business partner in Pakistan since 2018. This gives the exporters based in Karachi the opportunity to take advantage of Alibaba’s local support.


The company offers a wide range of services and business solutions to its clients.

A business solution can be defined as “a combination of ideas used to help a company achieve its objectives. It corrects the deficiency of the missing needs in a business.”

Following are the main services provided by the company:


It can be defined as “promoting and announcing a product or service using a public platform.” The company enjoys a good reputation of making creative advertisements. They focus on communicating the big idea behind a client company to its viewers in shortest time possible. The process of developing an advertisement for a client consists of the following crucial steps:

Client’s consultancy related market research media planning advertisement

A/V solutions:

It is defined as “electronic media processing visual and sound both together such as web streaming, video conferencing and live broadcast services”. RG Blue communications focuses on developing attractive and high quality visuals for its clients. A/V is a technique frequently used by the client company to have a one on one interaction with customers/viewers for example via question and answer videos on Facebook or company’s website.

Corporate communications:

It is defined as “a set of activities that are used to develop and maintain corporate identity or brand image.” RG Blue communications provides its services in corporate communications. It guarantees in developing a strong and desired image for the client company by implementing their expertise and knowledge in building a strong brand image.

Planning/ strategy:

Planning a marketing strategy can be defined as “the process of developing and implementing marketing plans to obtain a competitive edge in the niche market.” RG Blue communications helps Client Company in building strategies that every brand needs to reach to its customers’ mind and dictating a market direction for a brand.


Digital refers to social media marketing. RG Blue communications offer its services for social media marketing using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. In this digital age, they are well aware of the opportunities these social sites provide and utilizing them in order to gain maximum customer reach for their client company. They offer carousal ads, newsfeed posts, arrange competitions, short videos etc. on social media. The frequency of posts uploaded varies depending upon client’s preference, usually its 1 post every other day.

Event management:

RG Blue communications provides corporate event management services. A corporate event can be defined as “An event that is sponsored by the company for its employees, business partners, clients and potential clients.” Prior to any event, the dedicated team at RG Blue gains first hand market insights and extensive know-how about the company and its objectives. They are focused on delivering an once-in-a-lifetime experience for client’s brand.

Media planning and buying:

RG Blue Communications offers its services in developing a media plan for advertisements of a particular marketing message and launching it on suitable media platforms. Media buying refers to them buying and negotiating ad space across the intended media channels.

They do a market research on different channels (newspaper, tv channels, social media etc.) that which will be appropriate for target audience and within the designated client’s budget. Their main goal is to ensure that right message is delivered to the right consumers in a shortest time possible.

Following are the steps that goes into developing a media plan.

Conducting market research establishing media objectives budgeting

Selecting vendors negotiating and buying monitoring ad performance


Department: Creative

Supervisor’s name: Shaza Hassany

Designation: Creative executive

Duration: 22-July-2020 to 30-August-2020


Following are the main functions of creative department in RG Blue Communications pvt ltd.

  • Creative department is responsible for managing complete advertising campaigns for the clients.
  • Generating creative ideas for the campaigns.
  • It is responsible for developing and finalizing the advertisement for the clients.
  • Graphic designing, film and audio production also come under the umbrella of creative department.
  • Concept, copy and script writing for the posts related to campaigns.
  • It is responsible for developing marketing plans and strategies for clients.


Client briefing Brief discussion with creative director Media work begins

Creative work begins Proposal presented to the client Discussion with brand team

Client’s approval Printing and output presentation Final display of ad campaign


RG Blue Communication’s corporate objective is to become a prominent name in creative business solutions provider. It wants to stand true to its promise of delivering a creative and imminent marketing plan that brings the brand’s vision to life. Creative department plays a vital role in achieving this objective. The department is responsible for drafting a marketing plan, finalizing and managing it.

RG Blue Communications strives to retain its clients and gain their trusts. This is made possible only because the creative team never fails to deliver extraordinary campaigns.

The company commits to strictly follow deadlines. Creative team streamlines its workload accordingly in order to stand true to company’s commitments.

The company pledges to strictly follow practices and create contents that are accepted under PAA and Government of Pakistan. Creative team has outlined its creative parameters only within these rules and regulations.


RG Blue Communications pvt ltd gave me the opportunity to work with their creative department. There, I worked under the supervision of Shaza Hassany, creative executive. I was fortunate enough to learn many new skills and improve my present skills. New tasks were assigned to me on daily basis by different supervisors. Each day I got to learn new tactics and strategies related to advertising and social media marketing.

Following were some of the tasks I was assigned:

1) I got to work on script writing and mood boards for short advertisements for NADRA’S new campaigns. The aim of this campaign was to promote and spread awareness about various hassle-free services it offers. NADRA’s campaign was focused on following features:

  • NADRA smart national identity card (SNIC)
  • Afghan citizen card
  • E-toll
  • Features of online registration
  • NADRA verysis – an online verification system

2) I conducted a detailed online research for a case study on MAKEUP CITY. The purpose of this case study was to document its success and how it was able to expand nationwide in such a short time. This task helped me improve my researching skills. I studied following aspects regarding MAKEUP CITY:

  • brands it offers
  • its locations
  • marketing strategies
  • Store layouts etc.

3) I, along with my supervisor worked on the big idea for diamond mattress advertisement. The idea was to depict mattress as a source of comfort and peace. I was asked to come up with three scenarios depicting that the mattress is giving comfort to a stressed out person. This task boosted my creative thinking and writing skills.

4) I was assigned to develop a story board for title cover of diamond jumbolan’s annual report and its dividers. The big idea behind it was that jumbolan insulations will keep you safe even in the harshest weathers. In this task, I was taught to develop mood boards and storyboards.

5) I worked on Eid ul Adha and Independence Day campaigns for Hamdard Carmina. I was responsible for writing content for Facebook posts and developing mood boards. This helped me improve my marketing and content writing skills.

6) Developed mood boards for Rooh Afza for their upcoming Eid and Independence Day campaigns.

7) Caption writing for eid and Independence Day Facebook campaigns for Bona Papa baby diapers. The aim was to make posts interactive. I arranged a competition on Facebook which was “strike a pose with Bona Papa.” Parents were asked to upload Eid pictures of their babies wearing Bona Papa diapers. Picture with maximum likes was selected as winner. This helped me learn new marketing strategies on how to keep customers engaged.

8) Worked on Eid and Independence Day campaigns for Nana Smarty baby diapers. The campaigns were based on social media Facebook and Instagram posts. My task was to draft 15 Facebook and Instagram posts each, the posts were to be uploaded every other day.

9) I was assigned to do online a research for Engro Polymer on various factors that affect employee motivation. Once the factors were identified, I was asked to come up with different activities that can be carried out by Engro polymer in order to boost employee motivation. The activities I suggested were :

  • In house motivational speaker session
  • Learning club
  • Themed office days
  • Employee survey/feedback forms
  • Free healthy lunches

10) Conducted an in-house survey on employees who use bikes. The aim of this survey was to probe the employees about which characteristics of bike tyre they value the most. This was carried out to get a basic starting idea for an advertisement of diamond tyre. I was able to conclude the following features that users want their tyres to have:

  • Grooves- well designed and pointy
  • Long life- having 4 tube wires
  • Shouldn’t slip
  • Strong grip- smooth drive
  • Smoothly goes over bumps/ flexible

11) Worked on description writing of newly launched perfumes under the brand name FA’RA. I was assigned to associate a personality with each perfume based on its ingredients and write a background story and characteristics related to its personality.




I was able to apply some of the following theories during my internship that I learned at IoBM.

Business Research:

In course Methods of Business Research, I was taught how to carry out qualitative and quantitative researches in great detail. During my internship, I was assigned two researches related to customer insights for bike tyres and employee engagement activities. Working on these researches provided me the opportunity to apply the knowledge that I received from my course and gain first-hand experience.


During my Principles of Marketing course at IoBM, I learned in detail about new marketing strategies and developing a marketing plan. Working at RG Blue communications has helped me develop more in this field. I developed a marketing plan for Bona Papa baby diapers using social media based on the theories I learned.

Brand Management:

During my Brand Management course, I learned about the different strategies that are used to maintain good relationships with the product’s target market. I, along with my supervisor and her team worked on reviving NADRA’S image as a hassle free service provider. This task was related to improving brand image of NADRA. I was able to relate many learned theories to real life experience.

Organizational Behavior:

In my course Organizational Behavior, I was taught about different organizational environments and how diversity plays a major role in it. During my internship, I witnessed a working environment having diverse workforce, people belonging to different educational backgrounds, different cultures, sects and religions. I was able to interact and communicate with each of them easily and effectively.

Customer Insights:

In the course Consumer Behavior, I learned about how to gauge customer’s preferences, buying patterns and how consumer makes decision about his needs and wants. I was able to apply this while conducting an in-house survey to gain customer insights regarding their bike tyres. The aim of the survey was to pinpoint the qualities customers search for while buying bike tyres.

Content Writing:

During my internship, I got the opportunity to do a lot of content writing for various campaigns and brands. For this, I was required to have firm grip over grammar and vocabulary. The course, Academic English helped me improve my writing skills and taught me how to articulate my thoughts and ideas. In this course, I learned about different writing styles and patterns. This was very helpful in drafting a marketing plan for Bona Papa baby diapers.

Improved Communication:

At IoBM, I was trained how to have professional communications. I used to attend meetings to observe how things work and write meeting’s minutes. In course like Persuasive and Analytical writing, I was taught basic corporate ethics and dos and don’ts in a corporate environment. This also helped me clear my interview and proceed with induction process smoothly.

Presentation Skills:

At IoBM, I gave many presentations for different courses. This helped me enhance my presentation skills and boost my confidence. This taught me how to make attractive PowerPoint presentations as well. These skills that I learned were very helpful while presenting for the researches I did. I was able to present in front of the whole department confidently and to express my opinion.


During my internship at RG Blue Communications pvt ltd, I got the opportunity to learn following new concepts:

Mood boards:

A mood board can be defined as, “A collage of images which gives insights about the basic idea behind an advertisement.” This was the very first task I received. Mood boards are prepared after a story for an advertisement is finalized, in order to make it easy for others to understand. Later this mood board is sent to the client for approval.

Social media marketing tools:

During Nana Smarty Eid and Independence Day campaigns, I learned about different social media marketing tools such as boosting Facebook and Instagram ads, buying online ad spaces, carousals and short videos. I learned about the technicalities such as what demographics to select, what time to choose, what audience etc.


There are many tools and functions of PowerPoint that I was unaware of. My supervisor guided me and taught me about different PowerPoint’s tools and functions. I was able to implement new techniques learned while working on different campaigns, mood boards and presentations. This helped me make my presentations more attractive and appealing to the audience.

Public Relations:

I learned how to develop public relations during my internship tenure. I have achieved this by writing social posts, arranging online competition, web posting and communicating through the social media tools. This area has helped me develop and improve my English writing skills even more.


  1. The first recommendation I would like to give is that RG Blue Communication’s website is not very active. They don’t update it as frequently as they should. It is an ad agency and communication is a part of the business. Websites are an important mode of communication for it. I would say, not having an active website creates a negative image for clients.
  2. The company also doesn’t give much importance to market survey. Market survey is done only for few campaigns and ads. There is only one employee to do research work. Due to this, market research becomes limited. Market survey plays an important role in identifying customer’s insights. The agency should hire more employees for research work.


Working with RG Blue Communications gave me rich experience of working in a marketing agency. During my internship period, I was assigned many tasks that were to be completed efficiently and creatively. Moreover, I was able to apply the knowledge I gained during my courses at Institute of Business Management into assigned tasks. I was fortunate enough to be given this opportunity where I learned a lot and grew as an individual.

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