“Wonder” Directed By Stephen Chbosky Analysis

The movie “Wonder” directed by Stephen Chbosky was released in theaters last November 17, 2017 starring Julia Roberts (Isabel Pullman), Owen Wilson (Nate Pullman), and Jacob Tremblay (August Pullman). It was originally a book written by R. J Palacio that made it possible for the movie to be created. In the movie, Auggie Pullman was a born with a condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS). This genetic disorder caused Auggie to have deformities especially in the nose, cheekbones, ears, and eyes. Undergoing a total of 27 surgeries at a young age has never been easy for him.

Wonder revolves around the story of Auggie, a kid who has a genetic disorder and has a hard time interacting with other people and making friends. Together with him are his parents, his sister Via and their dog named Daisy. Growing up, he was home schooled by his mother with the fear of not fitting in and his safety. When Auggie reached fifth grade, his parents decided to send him in a local school.

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It was not easy for Auggie to adjust with the people around him and the community that he’s in. He faces a lot of problems and struggles along the way as he went to Beecher Prep School. Auggie’s search for acceptance and compassion has not been an easy journey. The movie also shows the multiple perspectives of the characters as well as their own point of views.

My favorite scene in the movie was when Auggie lost his helmet at the same time saw and heard Jack talking behind his back.

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It was also when he had a conversation with her sister at his room. I really liked how Olivia cheered Auggie up by talking to him and by dressing as a princess for the Halloween. The sisterly love Olivia showed to Auggie was beyond compare. You can really see how genuine Via was to Auggie even though she also had her problems with him. Their parents might give a lot of attention to Auggie that made her a little bit jealous, that didn’t stop her from showing that she care for her brother and how she loves him so much.

Being different from others is okay. That’s one thing you can show that you’re unique. We may look different and peculiar from others, that is not an excuse for us to give up in life. Acceptance is the key. Each and everyone of us has our own insecurities and self-doubt. But we must also learn how to stand up for ourselves and learn to love who we are. We have a purpose in this world. We are not created and born to please everyone. Just be yourself and you’re good to go!

I give this movie an 8 out of 10. I agree that this movie is very nice and gives a lot of positive vibes. The looks of the actors are also realistic and believable. However, there are some parts that are too cliché. The quotes and the lines are used many times in a lot of movies that I’ve already watched. The scenes are also quite predictable and the actors are sometimes not comfortable with their acting. Also, there are times that this movie can make you cry and laugh. It has a very good plot that can galvanize others. The movie wonder is an inspiring and sappy movie that I can recommend for a family and for teenagers to see. This gives a lot of inspiration and morals to whoever watches it.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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