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There are several studies regarding this topic. The decisive factors that would qualify me to be considered for a scholarship are: 1) Men and women in executive positions in the business world state that we need more female executives. Companies cannot do without the potential of highly qualified women. Current executives are convinced that management culture will gain new impulses through management teams consisting of women and men alike, and that these mixed teams will contribute to the diversity of opinions and perspectives in management: this is indispensable to avoid risks and to seize chances in a globalized and complex world economy.

1) Despite this first conclusion, in my company I’m the only woman with an executive position and I’m the only female member of the “Management Committee”. To achieve this position I have had to work very hard in my professional life. I have already had to invest a lot in my education and I believe that further investment is necessary.

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As a highly qualified woman I have risen to assume a leadership role. 2) Barriers do exist on the part of men in executive positions: manifold entwined reservations about women in executive positions are still haunting men’s mind (2).

I strongly believe that this conclusion is especially important in the field I’m working in. I think the mentality is far from aiming for an equal participation of women and men in executive positions. This means that to achieve my position I have had to show high potential skills otherwise I would never have arrived where I’m now.

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3) Women held internal barriers from advancing their careers and assuming leadership positions.

Internal barriers such as our limiting beliefs about gender, success, our ability to balance family and work can contribute to our lack of advancement. Also mentioned was the hesitancy to promote ourselves, take credit for our accomplishments, and speak up. (3). (1), (2) Dr. Carsten Wippermann (Heidelberg March 2010): Women in executive positions: Barriers and Bridges. Based on a survey in the German business world. (3) Bonnie Marcus. Working in heels: women in the workplace today at Harvard Business School’s Dynamic Women in Business Conference (February 2011)

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