Why should animals be treated with respect? Essay

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Why should animals be treated with respect?

Human beings and animals always had an important relationship. Animals were created to provide us with food and guide us when we had problems. In that story the animals help the man find the food and he has to share it with them in return. They also helped him find his way in the forest. Animals and humans combined together have a great power and they were able to achieve great things. God gave us the power to rule over the world that he has created for us but unfortunately we abused of this power.

We started killing animals for their skin and lots of them have become extinct. Cutting down trees destroys their natural habitat so therefore they have nowhere to go. I don’t think anyone realizes how important animals are to the world and I can’t imagine myself living in a world without animals but that is what’s going to happen with people keep destroying forests, cause more pollution and kill animals for no reason. Plants, animals and humans are all connected together and if any of these three become extinct, the whole world would be completely destroyed as we form part of a chain. Animals should be treated just like us because although they can’t speak the same language as they are as important as we are.

A very long time ago, animals and humans lived in peace and harmony but now everything has changed. Humans and animals fear each other and I don’t think this will ever change. If we want the animals to respect us, we have to treat them the same way or else it will never happen. Animals can be great companions and they are very reliable. Dogs help the blind people find their way and they would do anything for their master. In the story of the mischief maker, if Irraweka had trusted the man instead of removing the basket he had placed nothing would have ever happened but he thought that the man was keeping all the good fruits but he was wrong and they all suffered from severe punishments. This tells us that if humans and animals don’t get along, we will all end up suffering in a way or another.

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