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Why is eco fashion so popular

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1336 words)
Categories: Clothing, Environment, Environmental Issues, Fashion, Human, Plastic, Recycling, Sustainability
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The purpose of this essay is to the knowledge content on eco-fashion since at end of the day people pay increasingly attention on eco fashion. At the meantime, even though eco fashion is so popular, if customers are willing to spend more money to support the eco-fashion industry. This paper aims to contribute some recommendations of eco-fashion consumption.

This essay, undertaken in four phases: a short introduction of eco-fashion about its history and future; second some eco-fashion brand in particular Stella McCartney and its development; third the eco fashion designers—what problems they face and how to solve it; last but not least, the customers side, since eco product cost a lot more money compared with traditional product, if customers accept the new fashion and how much they can afford, what are customers’ purchase decisions.

In the conclusion, the finding of eco-fashion and the meaning of it to us will be outlined, and some problems’ solutions will be given.

This qualitative study uses a bit social psychology result from “the meaning of appearance and especially clothing and fashion is understood in a social context”(Niinimaki, K 2010) by data-gathering method from both research paper study and online resources. 2. A short introduction to Eco fashion According to Birtwistle and Moore’s study in 2007, during the 1970s environment and ethical anguish started with being public awareness, and this issue always and greater be there until now. Sustainable consumption is

for decreasing the raised public awareness pressure which entered common parlance during the early 1990s (Jackson, 2004). Essentially speaking, eco fashion is about making stylish cloths from recycled materials which for instance like textiles (J. G. , 2003). However, there are very rare studies exploring re-use and recycling textiles which are the disposal element of fashion, though a great deal of studies have researched the re-use and recycling of paper, rubber, glass and plastic. Today, eco-fashion varies from glamorous, to sophisticated and to sporty (Moore, B. 2010).

Stella McCartney: history and effects Stella McCartney who is well known as a British sustainable fashion designer expands the eco-range. In 2001 Stella McCartney had her own label in Gucci Group and beginning from that she is making her efforts on eco-chic in the fashion industry. “I design clothes that are meant to last. I believe in creating pieces that are not going to get burnt, that are not going to landfills and that are not going to damage the environment. For every piece in every collection, I am always asking what have we done to make this garment more sustainable and what else can we do.

It is a constant effort to improve”, says Stella McCartney (Lolli, 2013) Stella McCartney dedicated to promoting vegetarianism for life. She refused to use any leather and fur material in her design which including brand clothing, accessories, children’s wear, underwear, perfumes and the series adidas by Stella McCartney. What Stella McCartney does is embracing the eco-friendly philosophy to her the brand. McCartney told Vision Monday that “When it comes to sustainability, we just work around the material.

There are always limitations, there are always things you can’t do, and you just work around them. “(CARROLL) We can find out more than 50 percentage natural material and other renewable resources for example like castor-oil seed and citric acid are inside a sustainable eyewear collection among the Stella McCartney design. And she still designed a kind of wearable lingerie used made by recycle metal from hardware and organic cotton for the gussets which can be placed biodegradable soles by degrading the lingerie.

Eco-fashion designers and eco-fashion industry Hence eco-fashion still in the stage of development, the designers like Stella McCartney are still walking in a tough and different way to create product. The most challenge of eco-fashion likely is the technique restriction according to Stella McCartney’s interview by Hearst in 2011, she said to product eco collections will have less colours, less fabrics and before they use they have to test the materials and technique, but it changes practically every season until they can explore a high-quality product.

The eco designers contribute to eco-fashion in various paths, for example, Los Angeles-based Linda Louder milk who called the Luxury Eco Stamp of Approval would like to use bamboo fleece and printed silk chiffon; Organic cotton mesh and in hand-painted pattern made by John Patrick. (Moore, B. 2010) 5. If people spend higher price to buy eco-clothing, why and how I think in the future approaching fashion in an ethically responsible manner will be the way to behave.

The problem is not only for the designers but also for consumers because it will take time to teach them how to recognize and choose sustainable items (Cervellon, M. , & Wernerfelt, A. 2012). To date, fashion customers realise that how significant of their environment is, therefore, green products are taking more places. However, eco clothing still is impacted by customers’ fashion choice which this choice may have not considered their influence on the environment (Hae, J. G. 2011).

Birtwistle & Moore, 2007 have a line in their research which prove that early fashion innovators are strongly affected by fashion media, and they purchase fashion costumes more frequently for socializing some times. By contrast, whether clothing are practical and could be worn next season would be the awareness of fashion followers. I. e. journalists and buyers are responsible for the fashion consumption. That is the fashion industry issue: You have to get the message across so as to convince customers believe in your eco-product which is the best choice either in purchase or ethic aspects.

Based on the study by Morgan and Birtwistle identify that consumers’ lack of understanding of how their behaviour affects the environment like the problem of textile waste and how fashion consumption could become more sustainable. Another question is that the eco-fashion means lacking in luxury or beauty or detailing or desirability. Stella McCartney thinks “that’s something that really needs to be broken down, you products should not be compromised in any way just because they’re environmentally friendly” (Lee, 2009). This means both customers and

designers should have a new awareness that—we just use environmentally friendly product. 6. Conclusion This paper would sharp the general picture of eco-fashion and reveal how the designers and customers face this industry. General speaking, customers are lack of what and how to dispose eco-fashion, especially young female early fashion innovators are less awareness of the need of fashion recycling. The reasons why result in this is thought to be lack of media coverage and designers rather than choosing an easier traditional approach compared with the complicated and expensive technique.

Every single day something we will learn from the information we got. The right choices have been made by our beliefs which should be the right direction go across either the ethical and profitable ways. Maybe these are just a portion of all the activities and intention undertaken by individuals. Undoubtedly, Stella McCartney’s attitude is a great example for the eco-fashion industry as she said “For me, it’s about the basic principles: Sustainability is important, as is recycling.

Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count. That said, my job is to make desirable, luxurious, beautiful clothing and accessories that women want to buy” (Lee, 2009). Eventually the days that many other designers and established companies follow Stella McCartney’s path will come. The essay would like to suggest two methods. Firstly, we should figure out how to make customers to contribute on reuse and recycling of textiles.

Secondly, fast-fashion retailers need to have responsibility to consider of the storage of fashion clothing. 7. Glossary Sustainable consumption: is consumption that supports the ability of current and future generations to meet their material and other needs, without causing irreversible damage to the environment or loss of function in natural systems (OCSC, 2000 cited in Jackson, 2003, p. 14). 8. Indicative Bibliography Jackson, T. (2003), Policies for Sustainable Consumption. Sustainable Development Commission, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University, Oxford.

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