Why I Want to Enroll at the University of North Georgia

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“What do you want to do after high school?” is a question faced by many students as they get closer to graduation. Answering this question was not easy. Selecting a career was the easiest decision I could make, but selecting one and following it to completion was the problem. With an endless amount of job opportunities, I toyed with the idea of one career to another. As Mother Teresa once said, “It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.

” In the same way I don’t want to merely work or have a job. I want to enjoy what I do regardless of the challenges or level of difficulty. The plans I have now are like a rough draft, it lacks detail but is still a vital step into my future.

During my college years, I hope to study computer science while attending AFROTC. This will give me the chance to not only learn more about computers hardware and software but also how technology fits into a business scenario.

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As a computer science major, I’ll be exposed to areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and programming languages. In addition, joining AFROTC will also benefit me because it will help pay for my tuition through their scholarship program. My desire to join the AFROTC in college goes further more than their scholarship program. Joining AFROTC will give me the opportunity to be both student and cadet. This way I can focus on my studies while learning more about leadership, and management skills that are necessary for my future role as an officer in the Air Force.

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My main focus after graduating from high school is attending college. The main reason why I want to go to college is to acquire the skills that I need to lead a successful and productive life. College will be a perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge of the world, step out of my comfort zone, and become more proactive. After college, becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Officer in the Air Force would fulfill a lifelong goal. I had always wanted to be part of something bigger than a simple job. I wanted to find myself in a place where I have an important role to protect my family, and the people around me. Becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Officer would give me the perfect opportunity to do just that. They ensure that everything runs smoothly. In addition, they implement crucial aircraft inspections, deliver combat support and perform airdrops all around the world. From technical systems to economic factors, they play a critical role in the U.S. Air Force’s continued success.

The college I intend to go to is the University of North Georgia. In recent years, UNG has become unprecedented. Back in 2013, UNG and State University merged with Gainesville State College, creating a new, top-performing college in one of Georgia’s fastest growing region. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, UNG was named one of the “Nation’s Top Colleges” in 2017. One of the reasons why I want to attend UNG is because it is Georgia’s military college. ‘They put strong emphasis on leadership, integrity, and service. From uniform inspections to physical fitness tests to afternoon drills, my time on campus will prepare me for the future that is ahead of me. At the same time, l’ll be attending class as well.

The whole reason why I choose to follow this path is to make my parents proud. Without them I would have never become the person I am today. Growing up in Burma, my family and I didn’t have much. We shared an apartment with six of my other relatives. My dad had worked endless nights providing for our family. We had nights where we didn’t have money for my family to eat. Through every struggle, my parents still managed to buy us all tickets to freedom. I remembered as a child, stepping out of my first plane ride, I had experienced an epiphany of new culture. I heard conversations in an unfamiliar language that intrigued me. There were opportunities waiting for me. The future that I had dreamt of will solidify into reality as I step closer into my career. One day I hope to repay all they have given me through my accomplishments, and who I become. They are the light that guides my path in the stormy seas of the world.

After earning my bachelor’s degree, I intend to join the air force as in officer. The caisreer I cannot imagine a future without a family. . It was as if I was on a pendulum swinging from one possibility to the next. Life tends to change direction very often I have so much to owe to my family and I will repay all they have given me through all I accomplish and who I become. The future that I dream of will solidify into reality as I step closer into my career, and I will not relent in this mission as long as they are here to inspire me and urge me on. The me that I exists today is the one they helped to shape, and the me that comes forth in the future is the me that I owe to my parents: the light that guides my path in the stormy seas of the world.

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