Why I Want to Be in Health Care

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The reasons I always capitalize I want to be in health care vary as much as the benefits, the pay and my overall life goals! I want to be in health care because it is one of the best places to start a career you´ll not only benefit from but be happy in.

I got in the healthcare career pathway because I’ve always been drawn to trauma, blood, surgery, etc. the care for others. Most people I know in the healthcare career are satisfied with their jobs and that says a lot.

The benefits of working in health care range, you can meet new people, you´ll learn something new every day, you grow bonds with your patients, and discover newfound friendships and a newfound love for the wellbeing of others.

Secondly, i got into a healthcare career because the salary and pay are great! I grew up not having a lot, only having enough to just get by.

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Why settle for enough when you can have more? That’s been my mindset since I’ve been in middle school. Why would I settle for an ok? Great when I know I can make an outstanding one? Back to the point, the healthcare career pays well. Y always capitalize the first word of each sentence you can find many programs that repay student loans just for the simple trade of being in service for a certain amount of years. Nurse practitioners make almost $300,00 dollars per year. That’s another reason why healthcare is the career for me!

Additionally, another reason I chose healthcare is because of my overall goals in life.

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I want to make it out of where I grew up. Did you write this? I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida yes, it’s a great place but that does’nt mean it’s safe or that it has a great education system, it sucks. I left all my friends and family vowing I wouldn’t grow up to be someone who wastes their life doing nothing when I could be so much better. I refuse to be one of those people. I have a baby that by the time he is at least 15 I will be in my early 30s or late 20s I want to make sure him and my mom and the rest of my family have nothing to worry about because if they don’t have it I do.

Lastly, my reason for wanting to be in healthcare is because by me becoming one of them i am increasing the chances of making a difference to one of you. It will be one stressful ride but i know lives are at stake and if i know i am increasing the chances of saving someone’s life I’ll go through the most stress to guarantee nobody is without. it’s sad to see people die when you know in your heart that they could’ve had a chance. The satisfaction and happiness i will have from saving a life is way better and rewarding than the pay.

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Why I Want to Be in Health Care
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