What Is Organisationa Behaviour

On this assignment, I will discuss the elements of organisational behaviour, factors that influence an individual behaviour at work, the application of motivational theories and different leadership styles. Organisational Behaviour is the study of what people do in an organisation and how their behaviours affect the performance of the organisation.  The science that attempts to measure, explain and sometimes change the behaviours of humans and other animals. The contributions of this discipline to organisational behaviour include learning, motivation, personality, emotions, perception, performance appraisal, individual decision making, attitude measurement, employee selection, work stress, training, work design, job satisfaction and leadership effectiveness.

Social psychology

An area of psychology that combines the concepts of psychology and sociology and also focuses on the influence of people on each other. The discipline contributes to the organisation with communication, group processes, group decision making, behavioural change, and attitude change.


Is the study of the way people are connected to their social environment or culture. The discipline contributes to organisational behaviour with power, conflict, intergroup behaviour, group dynamics, work teams, formal organisation theory, organisational technology, organisational change, organisational culture.

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Is the study of societies to acquire knowledge about human beings and their activities. The discipline contributes to organisational behaviour with organisational culture, organisational environment, comparative value, comparative attitudes and cross-cultural analysis. Deals with the state and systems of government is the scientific analysis of political activity and behaviour.

The affective component consists the feelings or emotional segmentation of an attitude, a behavioural component is the intention to behave in a particular way toward something or someone and the cognitive component are the beliefs and opinions segment in an attitude.

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The positive attitude towards change example. The negative attitude towards change example. Cognitive component I believe he will be happy to hear this. I don’t think he’s going to be happy about my decision. Affective component I like the work that Frans is doing. I don’t like what Frans is doing. Behavioural component Frans should get a promotion. Frans must be fired from work. Importance of emotional intelligence According to S. Robbins and T. Judge emotional intelligence is an individual’s ability to perceive emotions in self and others, it affects how we manage behaviour, navigates social complexities and makes personal decisions that achieve positive results.

Emotional intelligence is important to leadership and employees in managing reactions to change, change often triggers strong emotions, and emotional intelligence is there to show leaders how to help others(colleagues) to cope with the changes. Those changes can be organisational restructuring, new technologies, globalization and changes in business models. Emotional intelligence helps to address stress by alerting us to recognize and to implement the correct solution so it does not become chronic. Emotional intelligence helps to lower mental blocks on our abilities to learn, adapt and innovate. Emotional intelligence will promote employee recognition as it will promote a more balanced perspective about self-worth.

Analysis of how Google applies Herzberg’s theory. I am going to link Google to Herzberg model Herzberg’s two-factor theory is a theory that relates intrinsic factors to job satisfaction and associates extrinsic factors with job dissatisfaction. Google applies hygiene factors by offering its employees with a variety of benefits such as choice of medical programmes, stock options, maternity and paternity leave and much more. Employees eat lunch in the office café and employees sit wherever they wish to sit and socialize with each other. Google applies motivators by making their offices a place where employees want to be. Google’s offices are fun designed and this helps in productivity, collaboration and inspiration to their employees.

There are laptops everywhere, pool tables, volleyball courts, assorted video games, piano-pong table and gyms.  Google celebrates team accomplishments on Fridays at the company’s meeting.  Expectancy theory applied to Google. I am going to apply the expectancy theory of motivation to the Google’s case study. According to Victor Vroom, the expectancy theory argues that the strength of a tendency to act in a certain way depends on the strength of our expectation of a given outcome and its attractiveness. Expectancy-this is what employees expect from the effort they contributed in relation to good performance. Google employees want to prosper in small, focused teams and global audience Google service.

Instrumentality-This are the necessary tools or machine that employees require in order to achieve organisational goals and objectives. Google employees have laptops in every corner and they are able to do their jobs using the company’s laptops. Valence-This is the value employees place on the rewards. The company’s success is believed as every employee’s contribution. The following video illustrates how virtual teams operate in different locations of EO. Entrepreneurs’ Organisation enables leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow, leading them to a greater success in business and beyond. The organisation has 13000 plus members all over the world. It is operating in fifty-seven countries and it has three thousand million employees employed worldwide.

Advantages and disadvantages experienced. Advantages of virtual team Disadvantages of virtual teams. Employees get more time to provide their feedback. Not adequate face to face communication. It is more flexibility High chances for an employee to misinterpret and conflicts. Great pool of knowledge Lack of camaraderie among team members. Fewer face to face meetings Less face to face meetings

Easier to maintain relationships with colleagues in other locations Less face to face time to promote team collaboration. Challenges experienced by Reddit Reddit banned the remote work because it was not working for the organisation. The company was not able to collaborate and coordinate efficiently. Reddit had to shut down two branch offices in Utah and New York. Some employees were not productive; they were doing two jobs at once. Remote working was not profitable for the company because more cash was to cover new technology tools.


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