What Can I Do To the Transformation Of The Philippines? Essay

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What Can I Do To the Transformation Of The Philippines?

What can I contribute to the transformation of the Philippines? (I must start from being nothing) For the past years, I have been thinking about what are the things that would make Philippines shine as one of the best countries in the world. Known from its cultural diversity and beautiful surroundings, our country has indeed proved to the world that somehow we can catch up with the teething troubles of being an archipelago. And as years passed, it seems like our country is becoming more and more competitive as compared to the sleepy and vulnerable nation I have seen when I was just a kid. Indeed, the past years had given us the rightest opportunities to enhance the core of what our country can give. The best of Filipino talent and support has been very visible and audible in the FIBA World Cup 2014 as the Philippines has finally ended the long time drought we are experiencing in the field of basketball. People like Jimmy Alapag and Gabe Norwood showed to the world that amidst the height of the other races, Filipinos can still succeed and catapult massive points over their stature to fight and win. But not only that, our dear countrymen also proved that no one can ever break the heart and strong belief we have had as we tried to roar out the ear-drum dropping voices of a proud and brave Filipinos. Moreover, Philippines is also at the spotlight of beauty pageant.

In the later years, we were down; but these years, our beautiful ladies have come to retaliate and show to the world the real spark of Filipina magic. The beauty of Philippine nature is also set to grace as the Underground River reigns as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and as the Tubattaha Reef continues to amaze the practical vision of the foreigners. The natural and exotic beauty of our nation has indeed substantiated that we can rise over the riches and power, other countries may possess. And as a Filipino, I asked: What more can I do to help my country in transforming into a much better and healthier country? That, I guess is what anyone of us needs to realize and discover. I realized that in order to maintain the pride of the Filipinos, I shall always look above our leaders, athletes and other people shining as the most important personalities in our country. I must have the right trust and proudness so I can join them on their journey as they take the long path of success and victory. Additionally, I must also have the exact patience and support even at their times of failures.

In that way, I know I can and I will be one of the team who’ll change the perception and views others may have in our countrymen. To maintain the ever-promising beauty of our nature, I must retain one thing and that is pleasure. Pleasure that we had been given the all-natural beauty and wonders our eyes might wish to see; pleasure that I was born on a country that owns nothing but freedom and liberty; and pleasure that I am living on a place that exudes exotic glamour like a “sampaguita” that appears as a tiny flower but appeals with undeniable fragrance drawn from its petals. I must be a good environmentalist. I shall not forget that anything that may help save the nature, may it be on a little quality or quantity, counts. I shall not forget that even a simple candy wrapper must be trashed out properly; that papers must be spent carefully and thriftily; that animals must be loved and should be given attention; that dirt must be cleared out from water areas; and that trees must be planted from where it should be. For the beauty of the Philippines shines uniquely above others, I shall not overlook the way of maintaining and preserving it for the future. Furthermore, we realized that the country we are living at lies on the bedrock of toils and controversies.

The issue about the Pork Barrel Scam, the undying problem about hunger and poverty, the growing tension between us and China and the unsolved cases of corruption and political dynasty; these are all but threats to the progress we wish we can have. And that is something we need to work hard for. As a student, what I discovered is that I do need to finish my studies in order to build myself with virtue and righteousness. To escape from ignorance and obliviousness and to instill within me the value of intelligence, are what Jose Rizal once taught me in order to overcome the present problems we drastically suffer from.

To wake up early in the morning so I can prepare to my class; to wear the right uniform and ID that my school requires; to be attentive during lecture hours and be just as active during activities; to spend my nights and vacant times on reviewing and multitasking; to show some sort of respect to my beloved professors and authorities; and to greet my classmates with a simple “hello” and a beautiful smile—–these are what I need to do. To be a good student in general so I can grow to be a responsible citizen in the future. But by all means, I just need to recall I am nothing so I can learn to mend and grow into something. Develop my skills and learn from my mistakes are what I will do, because a “nobody” like me must know how to subdue. And as such, anything comes from nothing; everything that exists starts from nothingness.

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