Wearable Technological Health Monitors

Technology has come to stay in our world by being more personal, approachable and liked to daily lives. In this case, technology in Sport Management cannot be left out especially about the field of sports wellness. Brutal cardiac attack is one the principal cause of decease during physical and sport activities. For this reason, wearable technological health monitors has exploded over the world form smart watches and virtual reality to fitness trackers and health monitoring devices. These monitors such as “The Qardio” would be an important necessity for many people because it comes from a wish of trying to improve the self-fitness tracking and decrease the level of sudden heart attack, it is sophisticated and works with precision and also has more benefits of personal and medical use.

However, all human discoveries and creations have a few limits seen here as challenges or disadvantages.

The wearable health monitor named “The Qardio” is an important tool in sport because it was created by volition to improve the self-fitness tracking and decrease the level of sudden heart attack.

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In fact the “The Qardio” is a wearable electrocardiogram ECG monitor, created to improve the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac conditions while easily fitting to our daily physical activities. It was first designed in 2012 by Marco Peluso and Rosario Lannela, it’s a complete kit composed of the “The Qardiocore” which takes the form of belt worn around the torso and the “The Qardioarm” worn around the upper arm. The principal origin of this device remains back in 1952 with Himmelstein and Scheiner’s discovery of the “Cardiotachoscope” and improvements in physiological monitoring system technologies.

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It’s only with these advances that in the early 2000s the idea of creating a wearable health monitor as “The Qardio” saw the day, and has become both easier to use and to transport. According to Marco Peluso, the designer of “The Qardio”, “We have created technologies and solutions that make healthcare personal, the way it should be.”(NP), in other words instead of adapting our life to sensors and medical devices, we nowadays get an easier tracking system that fits effortlessly into our life.

“The Qardio” reflects significance in sport training because it’s a sophisticated device what works with an extreme precision. It’s able to monitor vital signs continuously by using a lithium-ion battery anytime and anywhere without disturbing comfort and lifestyle. The technological advancement with this device is that it works with the unrestricted “Qardio App” for IOS and IPhone, Ipad, and also Apple Health. The argument about its sophisticated conception brings us to an easier use such as just place the device around the chest, and then the tracking starts automatically after exactly one minute. It could be a good item for sportsmen because it gives a peace of mind for sports performance cardio tracking and analysis and provides both clinical and research quality (Spencer Rosero, 2018). Its functions are continuous wireless ECG, respiratory rate, HR and HR variability, skin temperature, blood pressure and activity tracking. It’s also qualified to track and save heart performance analysis such as charts and graphs, timeline summary, note and symptoms tracking and share medical data with doctors.

In past years, to get a medical follow-up we need to see a doctor every time, but nowadays things had changed. The Qardio presents benefits for both personal and medical use.By saying that we are trying to show that this wearable health monitor brought the opportunity of being able to track our vital signs during a physical effort with only a device. For elite athletes, cardiovascular health is the most important of performance and the Qardio is putting a wealth of actionable biometrics information into theirs hands, empowering them to be their best. (Rosario, 2012: NP). Also, for late medical exams as the old electrocardiogram, people needed to get a skin preparation first and weren’t able to move or do anything after, but with the Qardio everything is different because it is usable anytime a person needs it, that’s one of the big benefit of this device. Then we saw above that it is also able to directly transfer the physical activity summary to a doctor or a family member, in this case we can see that it reduces the number of medical visits for a patient who is monitored remotely and can save his money or for an athlete who can now know all his capacities. Rosario Lanella admitted that “The Qardio is a game-changer for doctors, patients and health conscious individuals, and big step towards preventative health” what means that it is full of advantages.

The argument against the importance of wearable health monitors in sport training such as The Qardio is that all human discoveries and creations present limits. In fact this type o technology is not affordable for every active people because of its high cost. Another challenge is the one concerns in regards to wearable is the importance to establish validity and reliability of the measuring equipment (Evenson, 2015). Refer to the personal data generated, but also to the negative consequences, this device poses an issue with user privacy and security. For some people using self-tracking is a way of taking control but for others it could be a sign of weakness (Lupton, 2016). We can also see that the artificial intelligence can reduce the utility of medical staff in sport because their work is now done by a device what was supposed to help them; in this case we can see scientists are against themselves, and the self-tracking cannot totally help an athlete.

In conclusion, the importance of wearable health monitors in sport training comes from the fact of people wanted to improve self-tracking and reduces sudden medical accidents. The functions of the Qardio make it important because it’s a sophisticated tool and does a precise work. The benefits of this device are not left out due to the personal and medical advantages that it brought. But the problems faced are the one that, human intelligence cannot manage everything especially when they want to add an artificial intelligence that can easily destroy them in return. As technology is definitely a necessary evil in our lives the best thing to do is to avoid the negative side especially is sport training.

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Wearable Technological Health Monitors

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