Wealth and Power Essay

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Wealth and Power

“How do wealth and power affect one’s ability to fully enjoy human rights and live with human dignity?”
I feel that when money and power come into play in any situation the outcome will always be different. Money can be a good thing and a bad thing. It provides many benefits in our lives, some necessary and some not. Money can be earned my mostly everyone, but not all people have the opportunity to receive the same amount of it. Money can be the deciding factor between going to different colleges or even perusing different careers.

If a person does not have the money to get into a good college, than the opposing person with enough money for an education has a better chance of getting in then the person with less money. That person who could afford the education is now graduating from college; he is going to get a better job earning more money than the person who could not afford the better college. He will most likely succeed more in his life in the means of profit, due to the position in his education he was offered. Power also affects one’s ability to fully enjoy human rights and live with human dignity.

Power is most places is associated with money (More money equals more power). Power can be an unfair advantage in many situations. Power can be earned fairly, unfairly, or handed down. Even when it is earned fairly, only a select amount of people with certain resources (which comes with power) have that opportunity. Having a higher power in the positions at a large company could lead to many more doors ‘”opening”. It is something that very many people want.

At the end of the day wealth and power can positively or negatively have an impact on one’s ability to fully enjoy human rights and live with human dignity. It is the way you choose to live your live and make the most of what you were given and what resources are available to you.

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