We are living in the fastpaced world where everyone wants to win

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We are living in the fast-paced world where everyone wants to win the competition on immediate basis, no matter whatever the circumstances. With the advancement of technology, we become so much impatient as now we have faster internet speeds and fast customer services. We no longer need any CDs as now we can easily download our favourite video games within seconds straight to our phones, iPads and computers. Everything is in our access with just one single tap away. We don’t need to go anywhere rather we can order anything whatever we want no matter wherever we are.

Although, technology has made our lives easier but if truth be told it makes us quite lazy enough to do some efforts. This is quite true, we don’t want to do a lot of efforts and we always expect for best possible results on immediate basis. We are so much focused on short-term goals rather than focusing on long-term goals. We don’t want any delay and want to do all quite instantly without any planning and thinking what will be results, either good or bad.

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This is the thing that would be the biggest reason of our failure as we don’t know where we are going exactly. Although, waiting is quite hard enough but if we understand the importance of patience in our lives, we will go towards the right track and we don’t get disappointed. Let’s get to know the scientific reason behind why we want instant gratification.

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Human mind has two regions, one is emotional part that usually responds positively to instant gratification and other is logical part that is related to reasoning. Well, the thing is the logic-based and emotional parts of our brain are always in a struggle and in a battle of why we have to go for one option rather than choosing the other one. According to one of the research, most of the times emotional part of the brain wins as we choose to make impulsive choices and more focused for instant results. Let’s imagine one of the scenarios. There is one yummilicious piece of cake and one of your favourite desserts on the plate. What would be your choice, you want to eat or not? Well, your emotional brain will keep insisting you to eat that cake as this is not the logical part; don’t want to give you suggestions on long-term basis. However, the logical part of your brain will keep resisting you to don’t go with that as this will more focused on long-term goals. When we act impulsively and our emotional part of our brain takes over the logical part, we don’t have any regret on our action and we want to do this again and again. However, the thing is instant gratification is for the time being as it just comes and fade so quickly. We didn’t realize the fact that we don’t feel the excitement of instant gratification for longer; it is just for the specific time period and it will quickly disappear. That’s why we are always in frustration and quite depressed with our lives, thinking why we are not getting what we want and why we are not getting meaningful results. Although, the approach of instant gratification usually gives us instant satisfaction but it is not a realistic model of behaviour. In the real world and in our practical life things are not going the way we usually expect. If we really want to live a meaningful life, we need to learn how to be patient and stay persistent in our lives. As patience and persistence are two key ingredients of success and meaningful rewards. Choosing meaningful things and doing them with consistency will surely give us unexpected results. However, sadly we don’t believe in subtle changes and slow progress, all we want things to happen now. We usually underestimate the power of subtle changes without realizing the fact that how much it is meaningful and important in our lives. We really need to train our mind to appreciate the subtle changes and long-term happiness. Once we realize the fact that some things require patience and take specific time then we will be in peace and nothing to worry about results. This approach makes us more focus in doing things with persistency and once we do things with persistency and keep the required time in mind, we no longer get depressed and tensed with our work. The thing is no one gets overnight success. There is no meaning in instant gratification, it is just for the limited time period and at the end we get nothing. The real meaning is in long-term gratification that we only get once we realize the importance of patience and persistency in our lives. It is always recommended to make logical decisions as emotions and distractions can keep us away from our goals. Don’t be so emotional when it comes to making decisions, we should consider the facts and logical reasons on long-term basis. And once we think for long-term basis, we will surely reap the meaningful and exceptional results.

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We are living in the fastpaced world where everyone wants to win

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