How to Win Friends and Influence People Essay

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

An Essay on Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Dale Carnegie’s book entitled How to Win Friends and Influence People explores various ways on how to communicate efficiently and professionally. Each chapter speaks about different scenarios encountered by the author as well as helpful guidelines on how to handle them. In this book, Carnegie focuses on the significance of having good communication skills. He applies ethics, skills, and behaviour as well as human relations to his ideas and principles.

As a reader, I find this book, highly beneficial in enhancing one’s professionalism. It can likewise help readers learn how to cope up with the challenges in the corporate and business field particularly the ones that involve human relations. I specifically want to emphasize on these 10 areas; 1. Learn how to establish a good first impression. This is probably the most challenging part of entering any professional field. Earning the respect of others is not an easy task. However, it is not impossible to make people like you either.

Applying sufficient knowledge in the field, understanding the market, willingness to explore various areas, creativity and resourcefulness all contribute to a good first impression. 2. Find a way to make people interested. One of the reasons behind the success of some businessmen and other professionals is that they know how to get the attention of others. This is a critical aspect for every businessman because it is necessary to make a mark in the field in order to be known. For instance, it is not enough for me to have a business going.

I should know how to get the attention of my target customers and to keep them interested. In a business environment, it is not enough for me to have exceptional or unique ideas. I should learn how to communicate and implement them in an appropriate manner in order to generate interest from others. 3. Know how to handle criticisms. Handling criticisms can be very difficult. It can create a negative impact and can challenge one’s confidence. However, knowing how to handle criticisms very well can contribute to self improvement and better performance.

In business scenarios, customers tend to criticize the products and services they get from companies. Successful businessmen should learn how to take criticisms and consider them as learning in order to create avenues for improvement. 4. Establish good relationship with employees. This book had made me realize that I can become a more successful businessman by establishing harmonious relationship with the people who work for me without necessarily crossing the boundaries of professionalism.

Saying kind words and expressing appreciation can work wonders in establishing loyalty and work enthusiasm among employees. . Conquer fears. To become a successful professional or businessman, willingness to take risks is important otherwise, it would be impossible to move forward. I, for instance, should learn how to challenge myself and my capabilities in order to achieve more. Knowing how to make calculated risks can determine opportunities in order to make a business grow. 6. Develop confidence. This principle by Carnegie challenged me to believe in the things that I am capable of. This can be initiated by taking a few brave steps in order to become better.

Self confidence comes from believing that all things are possible if they would be explored and given the chance. 7. Acknowledge own mistakes. It is not easy to admit being wrong. However, finding lessons in my mistakes and allowing my self to learn from others can work wonders in my career in the field of business. It is all about learning from mistakes and avoiding them in the future. 8. Explore other opportunities. Making a business work requires intensive market research, thorough understanding of trends and knowing exactly what customers need.

There are many opportunities that can make a business grow and the best way to start is by developing a relationship with target customers. Knowing my customers and making their suggestions count can help me in finding feasible opportunities for my business. 9. Work on communication skills. Making the right choice of words can minimize conflicts and can lead to better resolution of problems.

An ideal businessman always treats his people, clients and customers with respect by communicating professionally and by not uttering hurtful or inappropriate words. 0. Consider learning as an active process. Do not just read but rather apply the principles. Constantly applying what I have learned from this book in every opportunity that arises will allow me to master the skills. These are just some of the areas wherein I can apply the principles and rules that Carnegie has stated in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People. Learning how to apply them in different business scenarios can spell success in earning friends in the industry and in inspiring other people as well.

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