Thrills of Terror: Unveiling the Psychology Behind Horror Movies

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Horror movie as the name suggest, watching such a movie, which will horrify you so much that it will raise your hair and feel you so scared that you will feel afraid to sleep alone tonight. A horror movie depicts disgusting faces to scare people. An arrangement of such kind is form at various points in the movie, that a person feel so astonished and so excited that fear enter his/her mind and soul. Through horror movies, an attempt is made to relive the worst nightmare of the common people in such a real way that every viewer feels himself or herself involved in the movie.

Some common features of the horror movies are screaming, pain, running and fast breathe. Watching horror movies; a part of human nature to enjoy scary feeling: Some people love to watch horror movies. Others wish to see horror movie but are scared to watch it at night. Actually it’s the nature of every human being to feel variety or bring change in life.

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Some takes bold steps and makes it happen. While other tries to look brave but are coward from inside to make attempts to bring change in life. WRITER. 2. Horror movies are just like an attempt to help a human being feel that variety change in life.

And that feeling is called getting scared. In the modern day life when every thing is so controlled and safe to use and live around. It becomes difficult for us to feel scare of anything.

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Actually the whole story starts from the past when humans used to live in forest, they use to hunt and many a times get wounded during their hunt. That scare in the mind of human is still alive and in some people it’s overwhelming. Some animals like Lion, tiger, wolf and others still don’t like their food to be thrown at them when they are behind iron bars.

They get lazy, bored and even unhealthy without hunting for their food. Similarly humans also like to feel scared, of course not to the extent of hunting for food, but truly for enjoyment purpose only. Due to this reason only some daring people go for bungee jumping, falling from the skies or diving in the ocean. While others who have a limited or low thrust of getting a scary feeling go for various rides at wonderland parks. And finally for those who can hardly take that scary feeling goes for watching a scary movie. Thus watching horror movie helps a person to enjoy his/her thrust for getting scared.

WRITER. 3. Benefits of watching a horror to different people, differently: A number of benefits can be tracked down as following to figure out why people really watch horror movies. 1. To bring variety in life and enjoyment: People who are tired of their daily busy schedules watch horror movies to taste and enjoy the feeling of being getting scared. This helps them to overtake their boring daily schedule and think on an issue other than their office work and family tension. That issue may be life and death, bad and good, true and lies etc.

2. Increase faith in god: As almost all the horror movies has the same theme of god’s invincibility over Satan. Therefore some people watch horror movies to confirm and increase their faith in god. Their belief that even if the power of evil increases manifolds, our last resort and that is god is always there to control and defeat evil and protect us from the sufferings that may happen due to Satan’s misdeeds. WRITER. 4. 3. To confirm their belief that crime pays: Many of horror movies are based on the sin or crime committed by some person.

That crime may results in unrest of soul of the dead and that in return that particular soul takes revenge and makes that person pays for his/her sin or crime. Thus the moral of the story in many horror movies is that crime pays. And this is what we are told from our birth and this is what we want to confirm again and again by watching horror movies. 4. Liking about getting scared of darkness and mysterious places: Many of the people who are already scared of darkness and mysterious places easily believe in the story of the horror movies.

When a horror movie takes scene in darkness at mysterious places like old castle, dark forest etc, then it is very easy for some people to fell in prey of scare through this movie and this confirms their scare for darkness and mysterious places. 5. To confirm the misperception about disgusting faces: Finally when we see some people with not so well or may we say disgusting faces, then we believe that person may be evil and he/she possesses supernatural powers to hurt others. This may occur in real life due to some hormonal problem. WRITER. 5.

For instance, some people have hair on their face, some have six fingers in their hand, or even some people have large feet. All these brings bad thoughts in the mind of a common man and by watching horror movies that bad thought gains strength and we start believing in such stereotypes thinking. Conclusion: In the end, people watch horror movies, to bring variety in life and enjoyment, to increase faith in god and to confirm their belief that crime pays. Not only that people like getting scared of darkness and mysterious and finally to confirm their misperceptions about disgusting faces and its possession of supernatural powers.

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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