War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Each human life has its influence on history, especially if it is a cultural contribution to the literary branch. To my way of thinking, the greatest example of aesthetic heritage is an epic well known “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy. This classic novel is a challenge for young people in our days. However, it is a great opportunity to open various historical aspects and to observe an evolution of characters. Tolstoy was trying to show that eternity lies in the continuity of life.

Furthermore, he wanted to portray different stories with a carefully organized variety of scenes in this novel. To do this, the writer needed to create the whole Russian aristocratic society in a historical period known as the Napoleonic Era. People have an access to know not only about Russian traditions and culture but also to empathize with the protagonists throughout the book.

The novel is divided into two parts, which are disparate from each other. Some readers prefer to follow “Peace” part with social life.

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Although, Leo Tolstoy contends that the main theme of the book is “War”. He argues the war as a reason for the unification of all classes of Russian society against the French occupiers. Remarkably, that there is no political context during the whole period of Napoleonic attack. A desire to conquer all of Europe represents the extensive issue through the plot of the novel. Moreover, the writer added real historical characters such as Tsar Nikolay I and General Kutuzov who showed excellent knowledge of tactics during the war period.

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Tolstoy clearly described all important battles of Russian history, For instance, demonstration of military defeat in the battle of Austerlitz that includes widely describing thoughts of protagonists. Nowadays, some readers often overlook this fact that the first part of the book is a real cultural heritage of human response to war.

In comparison theme of “Peace” correctly represents the picture of classical Russian nobility. The group of characters centers on the few families that are connected somehow. Additionally, there is a great collection of different stories and morals, a chronicle of passion and gossips, and of course the power of love. There is also noticeable that almost all protagonists are speaking in French from time to time. Some philosophical conversations between old friends and an integral theme of children and parents make its reader thinking about important issues and experience in life.

The major advantage of the book is an access to the inner lives of people. Opportunity to be in a different period of times and to travel through the pages giving you more inspiration. This novel is a result of the great literary heritage and grand interrogation into philosophy, religious visions, psychology, and history. In conclusion, this huge in size story is a huge ocean of various thoughts and key things in life.

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