Walmart - My Favorite Store

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Walmart is America’s biggest retailer. Not only are their prices reasonable, they have EVERYTHING! Everyone shops at Walmart. By everyone, I mean approximately 2.35 million people shop there a day. That many people is almost as much as Canada’s population. Another fact to show how great Walmart really is would be by looking at Walmart’s economy alone. If Walmart was a country, it would have the 26th largest economy in the world. these facts show how great Walmart’s industry and economy truly is.

Besides the great factors and achievements Walmart has, there are some things that outshine all that success. One thing that is obvious would be the employee’s constant want to help every customer. Can’t find an item? Don’t worry, there is a Walmart employee to help assist you right away. To me, these Walmart employees are like superheroes. Their constant vision is to help customers in need and to show kindness to every grouchy and selfish customer.

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The next best thing is the self-checkouts. We cannot thank Walmart enough for getting these wonderful machines because it causes us, as Americans, to realize the efficiency it aids to the common lazy person. They will not have to depend on the cashiers checking us out when customers can do it ourselves. The employees care so much about us and do a lot for us, this makes their lives easier and work less. But what makes these self-checkout machines even better is that there is a lady that talks to you from the machine.

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She reminds you that not only have you forgotten your groceries in a bag but also that you will need to wait for an attendant if you are in a need of help. The attendant’s only wish is to help you and will be quick to press the ‘ok’ button so you can return to checking out on you own.

As you walk through the store, pushing your excellent working cart, you may look out across the large variety of merchandise they carry. Fresh vegetables to clothes to books to toys to movies to canned foods to lean beef to everything you can ever imagine! If you can’t find what you are looking for and find out they don’t carry it in the store, you can either order it at and wait a few weeks for it to be delivered to your
house or go to the friendly customer service associates, who would be gladly to order it for you. They might even start carrying it in your store just because of their kindness and willingness and their want to make your day great and your shopping experience even better.

Something my mom really likes about Walmart is the ‘ad-match guarantee.’ Some store has something cheaper? Is it shown in the other store’s ad? If so, the cashier would be glad to void the item and then change the price with just a few presses of the buttons. Another plus of shopping at Walmart is the unlimited use of coupons. You extreme couponers can run over to your local Walmart and use all the coupons you found in your local ads, online, in your neighbor’s trash can or even the paper recycling bins located outside of your child’s school.

Everyone knows that Walmart is the greatest grocery store on the planet. When shopping there and walking across the clean floors, you know this is where you want to shop for all your necessities. ‘Save money. Live better,’ is their slogan now, which demonstrates what they believe and stand for. Everyone should shop there because they strive to have ‘Always low prices. Always.’

Walmart’s overall great shopping experience and the employee’s kindness towards customers is why Walmart is my favorite store.

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Walmart - My Favorite Store

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