Visit to the Animal Park

In the longest time, I never thought I would one day opt to go to the animal park.

I had always thought wild animals were insignificant and so did not bother to know about them. One day, several years back, a friend of mine wanted to visit the zoo and so asked if I could accompany him. At first I was a bit resistant but then I later gave in to his idea because there was not much to lose. My parents gave me enough allowance for the trip and so we set off to the animal park. It was on a weekend and I did not have any school assignment that was pending. With no doubt in mind, I can confidently say that visiting the animal park was among one of the best days in my life. To see animal behaviour and interaction amazed me so much that I wished to know all about the wild animals. The tour guide who was with us gave us sufficient information and took us to areas where interesting animals were located.

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Visiting the animal park was significant to me because it enabled me realise the beauty and importance of nature.

The tour guide first started off by taking us to see the giraffes. One can read the giraffe’s tall neck in books or of the internet but real satisfaction is during one on one interaction with the animal. The giraffe has uniquely defined legs as well as neck. I guess that is why it can reach for its own food in high above places.

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At the zoo, however, the giraffes are not placed near trees so they depend on humans to feed them. It was an amazing experience when the tour guide allowed my friend and I feed the giraffe. The giraffe lowered its neck low enough to reach my hand and take the food. The feeling of the giraffe tongue taking the last bit of food of my hand was amazing experience plus I realised giraffe were very friendly animals. Their natural skin is one of a kind and distinguishable amongst other animals.

The second stop was at the snakes section where we even got to see the anaconda. While at the snake section, we could be able to see how the snake moves. The snakes were placed inside a glass chamber so they could not attack the persons present at the park. I realised the presence of the anaconda and was somehow intimidated by its size. At some point, it opened its mouth and I could see the sharp front teeth. The tour guide gave us quite some information on the deadliness of the snake poison and what to do if bitten. I also came to learn that some snakes have the capability of swallowing a human being. The snake skin is unique in that it is able to expand and hence swallow a human. We were allowed to take pictures of the snakes then continued on with our journey.

Thirdly, we came across the monkeys and ostriches. I realised that the monkeys had different breeds and so not all of them looked alike. They were even separated according to their breed types. I noticed that the smaller monkeys were so playful and engaged the elder ones in physical activities. The elder monkeys climbed from one point to another in such a fast manner while all we could do was take pictures. From where the monkeys were located, I could see banana peels among other food staff on the ground. While transitioning to the next section, we saw ostriches from a distance. They hads relatively long legs and this made the journey quite an experience.

The next stop was in the leopard section. Leopards are carnivorous animals that obtain their food by hunting on prey. However in the animal park, the leopards are provided with enough meat so they do not have to hunt. While at the leopard section, I noticed the leopards to be resting high on the tree branches. I did not see how the leopards climbed up to the top of the tree but the tour guide informed us of how the animal does it so comfortably. In a normal case scenario, I learnt that leopards would study their prey from above the tree then make a move on them. The leopards are rather fast animals and do not have mane which makes it difficult to differentiate the male from the female.

The most amazing part of the whole animal park experience is when the tour guide took us to the lion section. Lions are the famous of all wild animals and so getting to see them was really exciting. It was not possible to see the lions in action since they were constrained. The lions have a well-defined body structure and I guess thats why they intimidate other animals. Their skin colour enables them adapt well in the savannahs/deserts. I was able to notice the mane on the male lion and somehow I thought they looked beautiful. From a distance, I could notice the lions claw and learnt that they were actually retractable. Our visit to the park was in the daytime and so the lions were mostly in the sleeping mood since they had already been fed. I really wished I could hear the lion roar but I guess that was an experience for another day.

All in all, the animal park was an interesting place to visit. The wild animals reserved there highlight the facts about the most common known animals. Given that it was my first time at the zoo, I came to learn a lot about the animal kingdom. The treatment and care given to the zoo animals is enough since the animals rarely misbehave. The different kinds of snakes and monkeys among other animals brings one to the realisation that nature has more to offer than anticipated. Given the different types of breeds that the animals have, they therefore have different capabilities and survival techniques. At some point, I was able to take pictures with some animals for remembrance purpose. The idea of my friend to accompany him to the zoo proved to be one of the best days of my life and I will forever treasure that memory. The event was so significant and successful such that we were among the last people to leave the animal park.

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