A Visit to My Grandmother's Home

It was my favorite place in the entire world. My family and I couldn’t wait to arrive. The journey to my grandmother’s house seemed like it lasted an eternity, even though my mom and dad’s rambunctious arguing made my sister and I chuckle the entire way. 

As we were driving along the wide open highway going more than sixty miles per hour, there were very few cars. I guess that’s something one would expect, sing alongtorestroom my grandmother lived practically in the middle of nowhere.

With the country music turned up as loud as it could go, my family and I couldn’t help but sing-along. Even though I had something to occupy my time, my anxious heart was beating rapidly because I hadn’t seen my grandmother in years.

After more than two hours of singing and dancing in my seat like Hannah Montana, we pulled over at a rest area. While my father prepared snacks for a quick picnic outside, my mother, sister, and I went to the rest room to freshen up.

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“Girls hurry up, this place is filthy; there is trash and dirt everywhere and the smell of feces is making me nauseated,” My mother complained. “Yes mom, we’ll be out in a second,” My sister and I responded simultaneously. As we came out of the restroom, the scent of salami, fresh cut cucumbers, and sweet, juicy watermelon filled the air. “The bright yellow sun and the chirping birds that filled the blue sky resembled my idea of a perfect day,” I thought as everyone sat and ate quietly.

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After we had finished eating, it was time to get back on the road.

Within the first five minutes, my dad had fallen asleep. The vibration from his loud snoring echoed throughout the car. He sounded like a bumblebee. “Buzz, buzzzzzzzz” was all I could hear. My sister and I instantly broke out into laughter because my dad almost choked on his saliva. “Stop that giggling before you wake up your father!” My mom exaggerated. We ignored her command and laughed a little longer. Just as I was about to close my eyes, I saw a gigantic green sign on the right side of the road that said we were only fifty miles from our destination.

About an hour later, my crusted eyes finally opened and I removed the drool from around my mouth. I could feel the warmth of the charcoal pavement through my sneakers as I stepped out of our shiny gray Mustang. I could tell I was in the country. I was surrounded by huge pine trees and could see a herd of cattle across the street. “Look at my babies. I’m glad you made it here safely,” Grandma said joyfully as she swayed back and forth in her white rocking chair with her pink and green brick house in the background. Everyone ran over to my randmother for hugs and came back with red lipstick marks on our cheeks from her big, wet kisses. Once everyone had been overpowered with hugs and kisses, we were allowed to enter her house. Before I even opened the big wooden door, I could smell the aroma lingering outside.

With my stomach growling loudly, I could see my family salivating over the food. I was ready to over-indulge in the smothered pork chops, collard greens, fried corn, and homemade biscuits. the progression that Everything was piled high, and the food looked like mini-mountains just waiting for me to eat it. The food was enough to feed an entire village and after a second helping, we were full to our capacity. It felt as if my stomach were about to explode, but my grandmother insisted we have dessert. It was the perfect combination of peach quotes were danglingcouldthe progressionthat warm and straight out of the oven, served with butter-pecan ice cream.

Now, the time had come to look at the family photo album. As we walked down the lovely hallway, there were quotes dangling everywhere. My favorite was the one that read: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” My grandmother informed me that this specific quote was her favorite as well. Both of us liked the quote because it inspired us in knowing that one person had the ability to make a change. Our voyage from the dining room to the living room had come to a halt. When my grandmother picked up the family photo album, everyone gather around her on the green futon. The album had photographs of my mother and her siblings when they were younger, but it also had a strange picture of me when I was a baby. A man was holding He was of average height, light skin, and muscular; however, I had no recollection of him.

I later found out that Teardrops were progressiman holding me was none other than my grandfather. Unfortunately, he passed away, unexpectedly, a couple of months after I was born. I didn’t know much about him, but my grandmother began to tell me that he was a genuine person, humble, and exceptionally hardworking. Those words left my spirit at ease. There were teardrops progressing down everyone’s dark cheeks. He died with dignity and respect. I know this might sound awkward, but I actually feel like I know him.

Now, it was virtually midnight and my eyes wouldn’t stay open any longer. With thoughts of my grandfather going through my head, I walked briskly down the hallway and into the bedroom. I was too exhausted to pay attention to any details in the room, but I did notice that the walls were painted red, orange, green, and blue. Somehow, they complimented each other well, and each different colored wall had a generational portrait mounted on it. When I was about to tuck myself into the lavish, king-sized bed and lay my head on the spineless, cold pillow, I knew my night was coming to a tranquil end.

The luscious smell of buttermilk pancakes, deer sausage, and scrambled eggs was just the thing to wake me up. As I followed the scrumptious trail into the dining room, my family was gathered around the elongated table waiting for me to sit down and feast with them. We knew this would probably be our last time seeing my grandmother for a while, so conversation, jokes, and laughter played a role in the breakfast. “Go and pack your bags,” My father declared as my sister and I finished letting our food digest. Grandmother tiptoed into my room as I was assembling my belongings. “Just as your grandfather was dying, he told me to give you his lucky silver dollar and a private note he had written you. You know, he really loved you,” Grandmother wept. Both of us were in tears. All I could do was shake my head and take the note and the silver dollar from my grandmother’s hand.

I can honestly say that my grandmother’s home was the most divine place on earth. So wide-open because many, memories have been made there. It’s my home away from home.

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