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I have been into seminars about stock trading, the last time I remembered was during our JPIAN Acads fests. We have been taught on some techniques on how to do stock trading. Now, with this requirement, we can apply the things we have learned that hopefully would help us in this activity. What I expect from this requirement is that at the end of the day, I can be able to do my own real stock trading and how to control risks and regulate stocks.

What I did to fulfill this activity is I observed stock behaviors and applied some strategy. The thing that I always put on my mind in doing this activity is what our Financial Markets professor always tells us in our class discussion, The greater the risk, the higher the return, but I also put on my mind that I should not just buy stock that has high risks because not all of it will consistently have high returns and that I should be mindful in what I buy and sell, I must check first on its history or past fluctuations.

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My risk tolerance have helped me in buying and selling my stock because I have realized gain although it is not that high but at least it was not a lost at all. At first, when I bought stock, it was all red, which means that it is a loss, but I did not mind it, I just continue to regulate my stock until I have noticed that it turned into green, which means I realized a profit.

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I just continued to do the routine until my gain increase by some percent.

What I have observed in this activity is the behavior of the stock market. Expectedly, it undergoes fluctuations and is not steady. I observed that a gain today could be a loss tomorrow and vice versa. You must not only rely on green stocks because it is not consistent. The stock market may be a complex one. To create the foremost of the stock advertise nowadays, you have to have the most recent showcase news and data.

Research on investment strategies and companies

The first time I purchased stocks, my initial expectations were the stocks must be in red or in negative because of course, you cannot have everything in green already. At first, I was down because everything was in red. I thought I was just carelessly buying stocks. However, later on, some of it changed and I waited patiently.

I have learned some investment strategies. Because before I started this stock trading, I had some research on some strategies that might help me. I will just cite at least three of it:

First, when we start to do trading or doing any investments, we attempt to examine or study as much useful materials as we are able to through blogs, web articles or from the top-recommended books that are regularly been read. Reading backgrounds about something you will do is highly recommended because it will serve as you foundation in doing so. This research will help you by applying the things you have learned on that research; it is both educational and useful.

Second, is to practice trading or also known as virtual trading. You can now start your trading journey, as you continually want to do investment because trading is a good investment. In trading, you learn how to observe market activities and additionally learn some investment strategies base on your experience. You will learn how to analyze fluctuations by reading graphs and figures and understanding numbers.

Third, is to manage and prosper. Once you are ready and try to run up real money, you must always remember the learnings and techniques you once applied on your virtual trading. You also have to be vigilant on buying and selling stocks and to develop the risk management attitude. This would serve as your foundation for a trading edge and would maintain your status in stock market on a consistent basis. Risk management is indeed important.

Purchase/Sale of stocks

I chose the stocks I purchased because I first checked its significant fluctuations in the past months or days. Basing on it, it has wide fluctuations and the day I bought it, the red mark was on the bottom. That only means that it was the lowest price for the day and for that, it would possibly go higher or onto its peak on the later days. The specific company for this stock was the Bank of the Philippine Islands. Because of my research about the history of the stock, it made me bought this stock and later on sold some of it in which I realized such gain.

I would classify my stocks as aggressive. I could say that it is one because I attempt to maximize my returns by higher risk degree. Based also on my research, aggressive investments are most preferable for young adults like me especially because I have only smaller sizes of portfolio. Since a long venture investment enables them to ride out market fluctuations, and losses early in one's career have less affect than afterward, venture advisors do not consider this procedure appropriate for anybody else but youthful adults unless such a procedure is connected to small portion of savings. My higher tolerance of risk have helped me in managing my portfolio.

Industry has an important role in picking what stocks to buy. Industry gives us a market analysis, which could be useful in determining if it has a downtrend or an uptrend. The industry's movement could be your basis in picking stocks. However, not because it is moving higher does not mean that the stocks you have picked will perform well but on usual ways, it does.

I also watched and read some media news about fluctuations of the prices in certain companies and it helped me in deciding what to companies to buy in stocks. The online media coverage related to those firms involve past research in predictions of fluctuations and also certain corporate topics and investor relations. There is also some news about daily trading information and buy-share transactions I have found in the application I installed on my phone, the investagram app. It helps me know about material information about transactions involved in trading.

Based on my purchased stocks I could say that the best performing stocks was the PSE: BPI stocks from Bank of the Philippine Islands with a profit or return on investment of 3.06%. What I did with my BPI stock is after I realized a gain with more than 2%, I sold some of it then after, I bought again some shares of it. This have brought this stock to be the best performing stock for me because it continually increased in price although there are times that it falls down but it is not that significant. My least performing stock was PSE: BLOOM from Bloomberry Resorts Corporation with a return on investment (loss) of -8.51%.

I also sold some stocks like the ALLHC stocks or from the AyalaLand Logistcs Holdings Corp. because it has a realized profit of 3.89%. By selling these stocks, I gained a profit of 249.39 with 2000 shares.

Overall summary

This activity have given me significant learning that I could apply in the real world. Investment is one of the important things that you could do to your money, of course with the proper way of investing. This could help me by not only saving money but also making profit out of these investments although there could be loss at some times but the important thing is that I already had learnings such as observing market fluctuations that you could use in picking stocks. I also learned adopting risk management, which is one of the important things above all, and on reading trends that helps me in doing decision-making. This virtual trading is helpful especially to youngsters like me who likes to be involved in the investment world and trading.

The overall money I have earned or the total realized profit was 672.43 and my cash+total profit was 100,497.76 with a total profit of -174.66 (-.48%). Figures below are attached showing the records on my stocks. Regardless of the percent from total profit, I still managed to gain a higher total realized profit.

The next time I will do trading, to be more succesfull, I would focus more on the downward and upward trends or the fluctuation history of a certain company and stocks. I will also check the prices movement time to time so that I will know what to buy and when to sell. I will also organize emy portfolio very well. Buy doing these, I know I will be more succesfull next time. This experience is not bad for me as a first time trader because I earned a realized profit more than what I expected.

What I enjoyed about this requirement is the experience itself. It is my first time doing this and this experience encouraged me to be involved in some investments. I also enjoyed purchasing and selling stocks like it was really for real. Also analyzing market trends have become challenging for me. In overall, this experience or activity is fascinating and remarkable.

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