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Essay on Violin

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Alejandro Quiroz

Silbermann and Bach were contemporaries and both of them worked together as colleagues and friends, both of them shared an interest and advanced knowledge of acoustics as applied to the voicing and location of organs. In their later years they would work again on the escapement mechanism for first fortepianos, Silbermann would receive the title of honorary court and state organ builder to the king...

Music 100 Concert Report

Between each time the theme is played, there are different styles of other themes played. Some are mellower while others are more of a scherzo, which is a lively part within a larger work. This piece was preformed wonderfully by the GVSU Chamber Players. They played passionately and because of this, the audience could better understand the piece and what Brahms intended the audience to feel when t...

The History of the Viola

Violas are not nearly as famous as the violin or cello, and they probably never will be. There are very, very, few solo violists, especially compared to the amount of solo violinists. In the ordinary orchestra, there are about three violins to every viola, and sometimes more. Composers sometimes wouldn't even bother writing a viola part. Violas would end up playing the bass part. It wasn't until t...

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Slow Movement from Haydn's 'Emperor' Quartet

Variation 4 is similar to the introduction in that the violin 1 has the melody again but Haydn has made it different by changing the other parts. Also in bar 5 the melody moves an octave higher to what it was in the introduction. The other three parts have similar rhythmic lines. The start of the variation has mostly crotchets and minims but in bar 10 Haydn has made use of quavers till the end of ...

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

The viol bow is held in an underhanded position with the finger controlling the tension of the horse hair. Listen to the sound clip for each instrument. Which instrument's sound do you like the best? Why? How would you describe the sound? (For example, it is a warm or cool tone? What color does the sound remind you of? Does the instrument sound like anything in nature or another instrument? Etc. )...

A Schenkerian Analysis of Preludio from Bach’s Unaccompanied Violin Partita

Mindless playing and practicing is unfulfilling and futile, and can only produce the most stiff and lifeless imitations of music, if I may quote Schenker. As for the issue concerning unity in all of Bach’s work, both Lester and Beach discussed first two violin partitas at length but strangely failed to address the last partita, I think the research on this topic remains incomplete without consid...

Mariachi Music Research Paper

There are many characteristics to mariachi bands. The forms found in mariachi music are, the most important element of the style. Mariachi song forms (such as the bolero, canción ranchera, son, huapango, joropo, and danzón) are always the rhythmic patterns that are performed by the guitar section of the group. There is also singing involved in mariachi music. For example, the “grito mexicano...

The Mendelssohn Concerto in E Minor

The technical and formal features of the violin concerto, as compared to Mendelssohn’s education in the classical form, illustrate that the work was innovative for its time. Mendelssohn’s collaboration with Ferdinand David demonstrates the work’s attention to technical detail. Mendelssohn’s careful editing is illustrated by the complete composition of the cadenza, as opposed to one intende...

History of the Violin and Bow

Psarianos, Peter. (2007). Violin Bow. How Products Are Made. Retrieved October 14, 2007 from http://www. madehow. com/Volume-2/Violin-Bow. html. Skinner, Matthew. (N. A. ). The Violin and It’s History. Retrieved, October 13, 2007 from http://www. nelson. planet. org. nz/~matthew/cbt. html Sprenger, Christoph & Sprenger, Raffael. (N. A. ). The History of the Violin. Retrieved October 13, 2007...

Analysis of Violin and Candlestick by Georges Braque

Cubism is where a piece of art shows several viewpoints of simple shapes simultaneously. In conclusion, I find this piece quick interesting as I have a personal love for music and playing with wax which this painting is based on. I love how different objects merge into each other; without the use of smudging but the complete opposite which is sharpening. I feel that the painting is definitely a sy...

Canon in D (Pachelbel)

In conclusion, music is a form of art that puts sounds together in a way that people like or find interesting. Music surrounds our everyday lives, and we can hear it in everything that surrounds us. It doesn't need to be exactly a melody. However, most of the music includes people singing or playing with music instruments. I listen to different kinds of genres, but classical music was not one. Now...

My educational background had an extremely strong impact on

My educational background had an extremely strong impact on my development and interests, and consequently influenced my decision to pursue graduate studies in Composition at the University of XXX. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a community where there was an abundance of educational opportunities. The public school system in my town is known for is academic rigor, and I took full advantage ...

Second Concert Experience

For me, this concert was excellent because of the amazing masterpieces, and highly-skilled performers. By the way, it covered the composers I have learned in the class, so it would help with the concert report. Comparing to the music before Baroque period, I preferred Classical and Romantic music due to their more mature , integrated and easily-understandable forms. Attending a real concert was to...

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