Veterinarian Career Goals: The Main Thing Is To Love Animals

When asked what you’re wanting to be or do when you grow up, job-wise, what do you typically answer with? There are tons of different ranges of fields that you could choose to work in. One of the most widely ranged fields is the medical field, which happens to contain jobs like being a pediatrician, dentist, nurse, etc. These are jobs that focus on people, however, what about jobs that focus on other living things, like animals for instance. If you’re in the medical field, focusing on animals and studying their wellness is what a veterinarian does.

A veterinarian is a professional who practices veterinary medicine by treating health issues in animals, whether that be diseases, just regular sicknesses, etc. Veterinarians, also called vets, care for the health and well-being of animals and work to improve healthcare for animals. They diagnose, treat, and research medical conditions and diseases of pets, livestock, and other animals. Unfortunately, like most medical professions, becoming a vet takes a lot of time and hard work.

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Becoming one isn’t just some nice old walk in the park, however, many say that although there is a lot of school work required, in the end, it’s worth it. The educational requirements and vet career goals for becoming a vet can vary, depending on the type of vet you wish to become. To be specific, however, to become a standard vet, you would need to maintain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, (also known as a DVM).

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But it should be noted that you can’t just go to a community college, study for a year, and get your DVM, there are other degrees you need, simple ones, like a bachelor's degree. You might also be curious about the job outlook of veterinarians things, this is a positive subject. After researching the job outlook of becoming a vet, it’s found that according to

It’s projected that veterinarian-related jobs will increase remarkably quickly. To be specific, veterinarian-related jobs are projected to grow nineteen percent from 2016 to 2026. This is even quicker than typical job outlooks can occur. Statistically, these numbers prove that vet jobs are growing quickly, more quickly than more people had probably expected them to. Something that can be quite disappointing about becoming a vet, however, is the salary. Yes, the salary of veterinarians is quite great, yet, this is sometimes the only reason that someone will become a vet. Many believe though, that if you’re working in the medical field, it should be for the purpose that you enjoy the job, not the money you get out of it. The salary is a huge positive side, however, considering that from resources, the annual pay for a typical vet, is around $90,420. This averages out to be around $43.47 per hour, which is quite a lot compared to ma osjobsob, even compared to some medical jobs. Personal and Professional characteristics are also considerable traits when working in the medical field, especially when becoming a vet. In my opinion, you would almost need more patience for this job. Because dealing with patients can sometimes be hard enough, but when you’re dealing with animals, who can’t talk or respond to you, this might make things a bit more complicated. This could ultimately cause the task to become complex and harder to be completed. Some personal characteristics are patience, respect, integrity, learnability, resilience, and self-awareness. Whereas you also have your professional characteristics, these can be self-awareness as well, reflection, compassion, management skills, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and manual dexterity. These can all come in handy depending on certain situations and scenarios.

One of the most considerable things however about becoming a vet, and also any other healthcare worker, is what college to go to. People typically decide on colleges to go to depending on their favorite sports teams, where their parents go, and reasons like that. But, when becoming a medical professional, it’s a necessity to pick a college that is good for you, one that you feel is the right fit in leading you to the career of your choice. Some considerable colleges to go to are Mississippi State University, Itawamba Community College, Holmes Community College, Hinds Community College, and Copiah-Lincoln Community College. These are all included in the list represented on, where the top twenty-five veterinarian programs have been listed. Where they’ve been ranked from #1 to #25. These types of lists can all come in handy when deciding what college to go to, because you can see the rank, and also research the tuition cost, location, and other things about the programs. Although it’s probably known now that you need a DVM to become a vet of any sort, there are some certain steps you should take to help you on the journey of becoming a professional, caretaker of animals. To be specific, the steps you’d need to take would be that you’d need to be in an undergraduate program, complete the D.V.M or V.M.D degree, take the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination, and then finally, you’d need to get certified. This can all be backed up. In conclusion, although it may seem simple as becoming a vet in the medical field, it’s not always a walk in the park. Not to mention that it’s probably better if you’re gonna be a vet because you’re interested in it, instead of the cash flow. Because even though you’ll get enough money for the amount of time you spent in school, it requires a lot of hard work. From a personal opinion, it’s better to apply for a job and realize vet career goals that are hard to maintain if you’d like it. If you don’t you may flunk out of school when you’re trying to become whatever career you’ve chosen.

In conclusion. Being a vet isn’t a piece of cake, but many seem to agree, that if you want to be a vet, even after all the years of schooling, it’ll all be worth it in the end. Especially once you’re treating animals, as well as saving their lives.

Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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