Unforgettable Teacher Essay

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Unforgettable Teacher

Thorough my educational life there were many teachers or lecturers I cannot forget them. In whole my life I will remember them and wish to them they be in a good condition and they will continue their massage witch is helping people to improve, rises them knowledge and helping the students to be better persons. For them they see the education process must includes fun, educate and acting. From all teachers I ever had there is one teacher I can’t forget her. She was my angel in the earth, she was always encouraged me when I was tired from study and can’t handle it any more.

Miss Susan was have the whole qualities of good teacher such as Confidence, Patience, True compassion for their students and The ability to look at life in a different way and to explain a topic in a different way. at my university, more teachers continued their influence on my life, and many of them have enjoyed long teaching careers. Several have retired, but several are still hard at it with the current crop of students. In the 8:00 A. M all the students waits for her to come in their sits. He is nothing but our English lecturer Miss Susan. She is about 6.

5 feet tall, thin woman. She dresses herself in informally. She has a good hair style blond like wave’s . she is a pretty woman too. Her classes are so interesting. All the students get involved to listen to his classes without any sound or side talking. We never miss any class we have with Miss Susan. She is very friendly, polite, and casual. She is hailed by many students here and there. “Hello! ” “Hi! ” “Nice to see you! ” Whenever she comes across anyone he knows, she always says hello to them first, wearing a big smile, whether or not they are older or younger than her.

In this society where many people often pass by without greeting each other, seeing her might be like seeing an oasis in a desert. I remember my first day in the classes of my University, miss Susan said that day this to me; ‘My mission is to experience life through…teaching others, am not here to teach you things you doesn’t useful for you, in matter of fact, you will teach me something and I will teach you something back’ she believe that the process of education should be alternate. That is in short way my unforgettable teacher made of.

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