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Understanding the Company

The company I have selected is The Agnes b Group. It was founded in Paris, French by Agnes Andree Marguerite Trouble in 1975. Since then, the designer has been offering fashions that match and reflect the spirit of the age, a wardrobe that adapts to every personality and can be worn for a very long time. Agnes b designs all these lines herself, without counting the collections of watches, jewelries, accessories and glasses. Since the company started, it has opened more than a hundred shops throughout the world.

FIRST STORE OPENS She opened her first store in an old butcher’s store in les Halles, the Central Market of the city. In this store, she sold an eclectic mix of work clothes and basics that she dyed or redesigned, mixed with her own designs. Agnes b started designing menswear in 1981 after observing men appropriate clothes designed for women. Agnes b collections include men, women and children’s wear, sporting and athletic wear and a maternity line.

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Agnes b. is more then just clothing, it has other lines include shoes, bags watches and eyewear and has created a cosmetic and beauty line especially for L’Oreal.

Agnes b also sponsors contemporary art to foster creative industries. It has a modern art magazine, “La Galerie du Jour” art galleries and libraries, and even a film production company called Love Streams Production. “j’aime la musique” and “j’aime le cinema” are also big part of the company culture. Agnes b is elusive and understated, its logo is simple six little hand-drawn letters with a full stop – a signature that manages to feel small and cute.

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I think that many corporations tend to use a graphic treatment that causes the brand to appear to be talking at the customer.

This has the effect of telling consumers what the company does, espousing its virtues ad infinitum and spending an awful lot of cash to explain why its better than the competition. However, Agnes b uses the power of discovery. MISSION STATEMENT/ DESIGN PHILOSOPHY From Fashion Traveler, it states, ”Agnes b provides a modern, pure style; discretion, modernity, elegance and quality. Discrete and cutting-edge. ” Unlike other modern fashion designers who prefer complex designs and styles, Agnes b likes her clothes to be clean and simple.

Her sense of simplicity and elegant design separates her from other modern fashion designers. Agnes b words “Clothes are less important than the person wearing them,” explains her idea of a definitive fashion statement. She wants her customer to discover. Vision Agnes b vision is to continue to protect the skills and knowledge of France’s clothing industry. The company wants to create a culture rather than just a piece of clothing. PRODUCTION DESCRIPTION AND OFFERINGS Primary Products Agnes b primary products are the voyage bag collection and it’s clothing collection.

Agnes b launches fashion show twice a year. Their products are promising in quality, which attracts most of their customer. For example, the recent ‘ab’ heart collection is a popular one amongst the fashion industry. It has also launched they “SPORT B” collection and a recently “star b. ” a sub line in Japan which attracts a lot of young girls. Secondary Products Agnes b secondary products are the music album, movies, books and stationeries under the “KIOSQUE” line. The popular products are indie music album, film DVD and travel book which present in a more heart warming way.

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